Saturday, February 8, 2020

Version 11.17: update of Honey and Stockfish

This update mainly contains the upgrade of two of the main engines:
  • Honey formerly McCain, which is the default tutor used by the program, now updated to version XI. The author is Michael Byrne (link)
  • Stockfish, version 11 (link)
There are some bugs fixed thanks to LinuxOnTheDesktop and others....

Downloads : 
  • Update, from Information menu, Search for updates

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Version 11.16: update of McCain and Komodo

This update is almost the same that last, but with the upgrade of two engines:

  • McCain that is the default tutor used by the program, now updated to version X3. The author is Michael Byrne (link with a lot of information).
  • Komodo, whose authors have freed version 10 (link).
There are some bugs fixed thanks to the feedback of Paul T in relation to chess engines tournaments, and....

Downloads : 
  • Update, from Information menu, Search for updates

Friday, January 11, 2019

Version 11.15b: minimal fixes, minimal news


  • When analyzing without redoing, it is possible to recalculate all blunders again. (idea of Mattew A.)
  • Database of games: added possibility of set Opening, ECO, PlyCount as tags of games in a database which it has effect when export to pgn, option in Utilities-Massive change of tags.(idea of Marc)
  • Fide/LiChess/Fics elo, eliminated messages when user and player have done the same move.(idea of Andreas W)
  • Erroneous elo showed in LiChess-elo menu (Andreas W)
  • Games database, problem open some games. (Mattew A)
  • Import pgn in Opening Lines doesn't work. (Jonathan C)
From 11.15 to 11.15a
  • Marc: Fix, saving board to an image in clippboard/file. AltK shows the new keys to be used.
  • Andreas W: Fix, engine label when training Find best move.
  • Andreas W: Fix, find best move, changed size of buttons that shows the moves.
  • Andreas W: Fix, find best move, bad window size when resizing board.
  • Stochastic13: Playing against any engine, with tutor, when move is a draw and there is a lot of moves better.
  • Paul T: Fix, STS test, frozen when a engine thinks a lot of seconds, also added Run with board option.

From 11.15a to 11.15b
  • Andreas W: Fix, find best move, added info about castle and enpassant.
  • Becoming a knight tamer, some of the options don't work.

Downloads : 
  • Update, from Information menu, Search for updates

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Version 11.14d: some engines updated

Engines updated:

  • Moves can be added via english pgn (proposed by Tobias)
    • when in case O-O and O-O-O both are possible, O-O and a . means short castle. 
    • alternative: o2 = O-O and o3 = O-O-O
  • New games in Play like a GM/Play like a WGM

Bugs fixed:
  • Bad sound messages when check, mate or captures (thanks to Tobias)
  • Evandro Borracini has fixed the next bugs:
    • Issue #1: Training positions and Tactics, the PGN initial comment (i.e. the comment before the first move) is never shown.
    • Issue #2: Training positions and Tactics, , the PGN last comment (i.e. the comment after the last move) is never shown.
    • Issue #3 - Error message showed in case the engine is not found.
  •  Remaching when playing a game against an "opponent for young players" (thanks to Cable Guy)
From 11.14 to 11.14a
  • New: to bind the "backspace" key to "take back move" by default. (Tobias idea)
  • Fix: kibitzer "Stockfish evaluation" doesn´t works with 10 version (thanks to Juan José Valera)
From 11.14a to 11.14b
  • Fix: some training positions don't work (thanks to Andreas W.)
  • Fix: tactics created from pgns with variants don´t work (thanks to Rodrigo Z.)
From 11.14b to 11.14c
  • Fix: kibitzer in one line doesn't work when black (thanks to Vitaliy K.)
  • Creating FNS/tactics from a pgn file, added information from labels Task and Source, to be showed when training (thanks to Vitaliy K.)
From 11.14c to 11.14d
  • Opening lines, memory problems:
    • Fix: importing poliglot books (thanks to Jonathan C) 
    • Fix: exporting to PGN  (thanks to Jonathan C)
Downloads : 
  • Update, from Information menu, Search for updates

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Version 11.13d: finally graphics created directly on the board

Graphics created directly on the board

This is a long-demanded option, the list of people who have requested it from me is too large to include here.
The working mode is similar to that of Lichess, if it is a square selected a circle is shown, if they are several squares an arrow is shown, by default. 
It can be customized from the Director option, each element of the band is associated to a key (None, Alt, Shift, Ctrl) pressed at same time right mouse.

Elements associated can be changed  from Director

The deletion of elements is done by creating an equal element. The keys Ctrl-F1 to delete the last created element and Ctrl-F2 to delete all of them also work.

When Director mode (activated by pressing F1,...F10), Shift+Alt+Right Mouse allows user to choose a piece to add.

As a facility, when working in Opening Lines, with the right button you can create graphic elements that are associated with the position directly.

This behaviour can be disabled from Options-Configuration-Boards:

Also when playing, from Utilities menu can be disabled/enabled.

Other new

  • When playing against an engine from Playing against any engine option, all moves from rival are cached, then if Reinit, allways plays same moves to same positions.

Bugs fixed
  • Exporting database to PGN, some labels fixed (thanks to Marc)
  • Tournaments between engines, memory leaks (thanks to Paul T.).
  • Everest training does not work when the use of the tutor engine in the background is deactivated, (thanks to Duntoria).
From 11.13 to 11.13a
  • Bug: playing against any engine, without time limit (thanks to Batu 64)

From 11.13a to 11.13b
  • Bug: opening lines, to play against engines, it only allows to play against the last one.
  • Bug: tournaments, when creating a new group of games does not show any game.
From 11.13b to 11.13c
  • Bug: training tactics by repetition, when manual configuration (thanks to Bernd H).
From 11.13c to 11.13c
  • Changed all the windows/dialogs to set the hint for close buttons to Linux64 support (coded by Lelanthran Manickum)
  • Bug: Opening lines, blocking when analyzing with the engine (thanks to Eren K).
  • Bug: Tournaments between engines, visualizing games window doesn´t works first time (thanks to Giovanni and  Paul T)
    Downloads : 

    • Update, from Information menu, Search for updates

    Thursday, October 11, 2018

    Version 11.12a: writing down moves of a game

    • Writing down moves of a game (new resource for zebras)
      • The objective is to write fluently the moves in pgn, which can be useful when you start playing long live games.
      • The process is very simple, 
        1. You choose a new game and the program selects one automatically. 
        2. Then the color is selected, in order to show the board. 
        3. Then a move is shown on the board and it is asked at the top to write the same in pgn format, pressing "intro key" continues with the next.
        4. There is no distinction between upper and lower case.
        5. The result is displayed at the end

    Changes and improves:
    • Learn a game, show arrow to correct move
    • McBrain updated to version 9.9 by Michael Byrne
    • Training "opening lines" with engines:
      • added the possibility to play against external engines.
      • can be configured automatic analysis when failure.
      • can be configured different levels and books associated
    • Tournaments between engines, pgn to save includes elo information (C. Daniel)

    Bugs fixed
    • Incorrect link to the web of transsiberian image in About window(Matt L)
    • Opponents for young players, don´t allow to replay (Cable Guy)

    Downloads : 

    Thursday, August 30, 2018

    Version 11.11: maintenance update


    • Opening lines, training against a bunch of engines, now number is selected by user.
    • Andscacs engine (by Daniel José Queraltó) updated to version 0.9432
    • Updated French translation by Max Aloyou

    • Director, removing "Move a piece" doesn't appear previous piece (D. Chong)

    Downloads :