Friday, September 8, 2017

Development version 11.00.19: Director changed

Bugs fixed:

  • Find best move training, doesn't show correct moves when using a language different from english to show pieces. (Max Aloyau)
  • Order in analysis when score is over 10000 centipawns. (Max Aloyau)
  • Transsiberian, automatic save doesn't include Date field (Pedro José)
  • Challenge 101, bad score when time used is less than 5.0 secs. (Max Aloyau)
  • Transiberian, level 2, error in a tactic. (David Parkin)


  • Database added two tools to change the order of registers (TheIgnobleSavage)
  • Updated McBrain to version 2.7
  • Director:
    • Main change: graphic elements are added directly on the main board.
    • After saving a position the added elements are visible from any other board.
    • It is possible to change the file that has the information, which can facilitate sharing with other users.
    • Can be added text in a blackboard.
    • Activated with F1..F10.
    • A simbol appears in the board when the position has info.

11.00.19 -> 11.00.19a: bug fixed in the panel of results to Compete-Singular moves-Calculate your strength (thanks to Max Aloyau)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Development version 11.00.18: new translation, Ukrainian and a new competition


  • New translation to Ukrainian by Volodymyr Soltys (initiated by Maxym Makarchuk)

Engines updated:


  • Elo perfomance total and in opening, middle game and end game (Eren Külpınar)


  • Automatic save of games,... , thanks to Jacques D
  • some changes in level 1, thanks to Jacques D


  • Position of board configuration icon in Options-Configuration-Boards

New competition:
  • Strength in positions with only one good response (singular move).

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Development version 11.00.17

Bugs fixed:

  • Editing a database game (Bernhard):
    • activating information, disable pieces moves
    • pressing x doesn´t ask toprevent lost of changes.
  • Error creating external engines in folders with cyrillic characters (katl)


  • Added an icon in bottom-left in all boards to config that replace right button in the border.It can be hidden in the Options/Configurations menu/Boards, but menu always appears pressing left button in that area.

  • Analysis graphic window:
    • Added captures (Joël D)
    • Some other cosmethic changes.
  • File names created in analysis changed (Nils Anderson):
    • Instead of "AfterBlunders" "ExploitBlunders"
    • Instead of "BeforeBlunders" "AvoidBlunders"
  • When showing a move, if there is an analysis, an arrow of the best move is showed. (Vladimir)
  • Marking Caro-Kann as a favorite opening by default. (Nils Anderson)
  • McBrain engine updated to version 2.3
  • Training positions: added Play Current Position in Utilities (Brent)

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Development version 11.00.16: challenge 101


  • Read PGN file, now support the selection of multiple files (unknown)
  • Challenge 101: new game to the beginning. It is about solving up to 10 positions of all types, with assigning a score. The program saves the last 10 scores, and you can check the ones made from the Training menu/Personal training.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Development version 11.00.15: bug fix release and some updates on the engines



  • Bugs fixed in "Massive change of tags" (Bernhard)
  • Wrong labels in English (Nils Andersson)
  • Tourney, saving pgn, double blank line after a game (cja000)
  • Closing engines, improved the process (tico-tico code)
  • Tourney elo, in some ending-situations the personality crash, in that case the game is asigned to the user (Coatesy)
  • Transsiberian, any drawing tactics involving perpetual check can never be completed (Duntoria)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Version 10.12a: database of positions

Once again all changes in the development version 11 have been included in the version 10, except for new engines, and the support of Linux. 

Database of positions: 
  • Initially not included in this version.
  • With some improvements in relation to v9:
    • Import from pks files (G. Rajesh Ganesh)
    • Massive change of tags (Bernhard, peonpasado).
  • With the feedback of Benhard to fix bugs.


  • McBrain 2.1.a is now the new default tutor. It is an adaptation of stockfish done by Michael Byrne

Bugs fixed:
  • Reading pgn files with blank lines (Ed Smith)
  • Crash when Komodo is the engine of a kibitzer (tico-tico)
  • Training Openings by repetition, the name of the training is by default the first opening selected. (rob)
  • In translations (and more) (Nils Andersson) (added transsiberian city labels to the translation)
  • Tourney, saving pgn, double blank line after a game (cja000)
  • A lot of little bugs (tico-tico, Alfonso).

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Development version 11.00.14: bug fix release and some updates on the engines



  • Bugs fixed in "Massive change of tags" (Bernhard)
  • Wrong labels in English (Nils Andersson)