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Version 11.05b: first draft of "Opening lines"

New themes like diagrams of old books, adaptation of pieces included by Ben Citak.
Lichess-EloNew engine, Cdrill 1800 by Ferdinand MoscaPlay like a Woman Grandmaster
Always autopromote to queen as an option, if ALT key is pressed, then allows to select other piece.
Playing against any engine: new option to show arrows with the best moves (parszab)
Tournaments between engines, added maxdepth of book. (Gabriel P)Tools-PGN reader-Miniature of the dayOpening lines, only to test. It is an alternative way of creating a repertoire of openings, is a work not finished. There are a lot of work planned, by example, in the future will include trainings (one static and other continuous). 

Director, to activate and deactivate, right button over the board. To add pieces if needed ALT-right buttonMcBrain new version 4.0Transsiberian, endings, now all are guided (Craig H.)Analisis, ending phase to calculate elo is considered when material < 15 or less than 3 pieces in each side (Eren Külpi…