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Version 8.05: more bugs fixed

Bugs fixed:
Sound of 9 removed (Indy)Creating a training playing like a GM, (Adrijan)Capture window inactive in Tourney between engines (Urban G)Analysing sometimes only shows a few moves (Pavel+Michele)

To update:

Remember that all user data is in the UsrData subfolder of LucasChess folder.

Version 8.04: some bugs fixed

Bugs fixed:
Saving PGN files, bad encoding type, now UTF-8 is used (chessfollower).Play like a grandmaster, don´t work (Lolou).Director, don´t work (Michele).Database-Summary results are reversed when black move (xpdnc).

Version 8.03: some bugs fixed and Greko engine in competition

Bugs fixed:
When resigning, label is in some cases wrong (Pavel).Stockfish info message mate 0 not handled properly (Pavel)Fifty move rule, program used a fifty halfmove rule (Chris Ratt)Resistance test and playing against Tarrasch, program hangs(Коробкoв)
Greko engine (Vladimir Medvedev) included in Competition.New color-theme by Dan.

Version 8.02: more bugs fixed and new index

Bugs fixed:

Reading PGN files with latin-1 characters (Marcus).Analyzing with option to detect blunders, first time use (claes)Reading PGN files with character - in moves (like 1. e2-e4...) (Marcus)Kibitzers using Wine (katka)Greko, not included in about (Vladimir)

New index "Material asymmetry" by MicheleOpening label when is too long then now is wrapped (Michele)ESC key to go out in analysis of variants window (Pavel)