Sunday, December 2, 2018

Version 11.14d: some engines updated

Engines updated:

  • Moves can be added via english pgn (proposed by Tobias)
    • when in case O-O and O-O-O both are possible, O-O and a . means short castle. 
    • alternative: o2 = O-O and o3 = O-O-O
  • New games in Play like a GM/Play like a WGM

Bugs fixed:
  • Bad sound messages when check, mate or captures (thanks to Tobias)
  • Evandro Borracini has fixed the next bugs:
    • Issue #1: Training positions and Tactics, the PGN initial comment (i.e. the comment before the first move) is never shown.
    • Issue #2: Training positions and Tactics, , the PGN last comment (i.e. the comment after the last move) is never shown.
    • Issue #3 - Error message showed in case the engine is not found.
  •  Remaching when playing a game against an "opponent for young players" (thanks to Cable Guy)
From 11.14 to 11.14a
  • New: to bind the "backspace" key to "take back move" by default. (Tobias idea)
  • Fix: kibitzer "Stockfish evaluation" doesn´t works with 10 version (thanks to Juan José Valera)
From 11.14a to 11.14b
  • Fix: some training positions don't work (thanks to Andreas W.)
  • Fix: tactics created from pgns with variants don´t work (thanks to Rodrigo Z.)
From 11.14b to 11.14c
  • Fix: kibitzer in one line doesn't work when black (thanks to Vitaliy K.)
  • Creating FNS/tactics from a pgn file, added information from labels Task and Source, to be showed when training (thanks to Vitaliy K.)
From 11.14c to 11.14d
  • Opening lines, memory problems:
    • Fix: importing poliglot books (thanks to Jonathan C) 
    • Fix: exporting to PGN  (thanks to Jonathan C)
Downloads : 
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