Sunday, October 2, 2011

Announcements sounds

It is easy to add sounds to Lucas Chess, two alternatives :
  1. With a microphone.
  2. With google translator and Audacity (
  3. And maybe in the future users donate their own voice (microphone) and can be put for download from the web.

Options-Other options-Custom sounds
You can recording with a microphone or read an external wav

With Read wav and to this sound : c:\Windows\Media has some usable.

After read wav or record with microphone

You can reduce the limits, useful specially with sound  achived with microphone 

 Google translator and Audacity :

If you prefer to hear an external voice, this is one of the ways.

In Audacity Stop and then select area with sound
Then use Export selection and create a wav that you can import  from Lucas
In LC, modify + label, and read check wav file

To enable sounds :

Options - Configuration
Also while playing :

+Options - Sounds