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Development version 11.00.17

Bugs fixed:

Editing a database game (Bernhard):activating information, disable pieces movespressing x doesn´t ask toprevent lost of changes.Error creating external engines in folders with cyrillic characters (katl)


Added an icon in bottom-left in all boards to config that replace right button in the border.It can be hidden in the Options/Configurations menu/Boards, but menu always appears pressing left button in that area.
Analysis graphic window:Added captures (Joël D)Some other cosmethic changes. File names created in analysis changed (Nils Anderson):Instead of "AfterBlunders" "ExploitBlunders"Instead of "BeforeBlunders" "AvoidBlunders"When showing a move, if there is an analysis, an arrow of the best move is showed. (Vladimir)Marking Caro-Kann as a favorite opening by default. (Nils Anderson)McBrain engine updated to version 2.3Training positions: added Play Current Position in Utilities (Brent)