Friday, June 21, 2013

Version 8 step 5: kibitzers

This new step has some improves:

  • New kibitzers.
  • More precision when selecting and dragging pieces ( Heikki Junes ).
  • "Determine your calculating power" option shows now real game(Toan Luong).
  • Started the Completed translation into vietnamese (Toan Luong)
  • New set of pieces, Abxtadt by Geronimo.
  • Fixed bugs and some other changes, thanks to Dariusz Popadowski, Uli R&U, Heikki Junes, Dieter Heinrich,...

 Kibitzers in 8 dev version now are :
  1. Candidates <new>: shows highest ranked candidate moves of current position. (Proposed long time ago by istolacio)
  2. Indexes <new>: shows abstract and concrete position indexes. Michele Tumbarello has made a great work improving/extending previous indexes, new guide can be downloaded from
  3. Best move: only best move considered by engine is showed.
  4. Best move in one line <new>: to reduce space used by the kibitzer, is showed in one line without head title. There is a button to show title and allow to change its position/lenght.
  5. Select move: allow to choose the next move, and then begin the analysis.
  6. Threats: answers the question: which would make the opponent if he could move again ?.