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Future version 10 step 10: Turn on the lights


Bugs in Opening selection, with long openings, widgets may be overlapped. (Max Aloyau)Some labels fixed in english translation thanks to Nick Delta.Engines:Acqua new engine (844 elo) by Giovanni Di Maria.DiscoCheck updated to 5.2.1.Gull 3 by ThinkALot.Rethoric updated to 1.4.3.Included 64 bits-BMI2 versions to: stockfish, komodo, texel, gull, cheng, deepfish, critter. In Configuration/Engines can be activated.External engines, added option Import of internal engines.Turn on the lights

Included in long-term trainings.It is other way to study tactics, with a velocity component. Divided in levels, all levels works with the same block of positions.To work with a block of positions, double click over a cell. The order of positions in the same block (cell) is changed each time.Two groups of training, based on the corresponding tactics:UNED chess schoolUwe Auerswald