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Version 8.09: bugs fixed

Bugs fixed:Fics-elo & Fide-elo, don´t change color. (Stolcius Von Stolcenbergjayriginal)Russian translation finnished, thanks to Reinhard work.Also Portugu√™s (BR), thanks to Laudecir Daniel.Updated database positions used in some trainings (???)Engines: Tarrach Toy ( to V0.905 (log file in 0.906)
To update:

Remember that all user data is in the UsrData subfolder of LucasChess folder.

Version 9 step 2b

New step and some changes:

Analyzing a game, new option to show graphics at end (ADT).

Tournaments, show on live results (Urban Gustavsson, Di Maria Giovanni)

Create your own game, open with reopen option.

Update to 2a:
Correspondence-chess, added remove link (Reinhard)Fics/Fide-elo "New analysis" button works now.Fics/Fide-elo the color change of each new game don´t works.(Stolcius, jairiginal)Reading pgn files, take into account original codec (Reinhard)STS-test, now works to hide/show board (Stolcius)
Update to 2b: Tools-PGN reader, creation of polyglot books, don't worksPlaying against any engne, assign an empty book (.bin) works. (stolcius)

Link : LucasChessPortableStep2b.exe