Monday, February 26, 2018

Version 11.06c: Opening lines

  • To activate/deactivate Graphics-Director, CTRL+right button, also to activate F1 to F10
  • Engines:
    • Updated McBrain to version 9
    • Updated Stockfish to version 9
  • Linux, new installation and some fixes in code by Costor

Bugs fixed:
  • Tournaments, some fixes (Bernard)
  • Playing like a GM, time of engine is not saved from one time to another. (Eren Kulpimar)
  • Analysing a game, the graphics window always opens with white at the bottom (emeikei)

  • Opening Lines that allows you to create a repertoire of openings, and with tools to help to study, graphics-Director save the graphics in the same file, then it is all-in-one, providing the possibility of sharing easily. It also includes three simple ways of training:
    • First, sequential mode, the user must select all moves of a line and one side, must repeat until there are no errors. Then based on the number of times with no errors, it will be repeated.
    • Second, static, all the lines to study appear in a window, and the user can select any of them. The repetitions without errors are highlighted with mtereological symbols.
    • Third, positions, all the different positions can be trained in the same way as in the first training.

Version 11.06 -> 11.06a:
  • Bug: massive analysis, where book is not selected (Antonio)
  • Bug: mcbrain analysing with multipv at maximum.
  • Bug: kibitzers don´t work.
  • Change: importing polyglot books in Opening lines.
  • New: double click in a move, does an analysis (Lee Simbeye)
  • New: option in database filter standard, to save filters.

Version 11.06a -> 11.06b:
  • Change: Updated technique positions by Michele Tumbarello.
  • Bug: At start position window , the En "Passant Box" doesn't work. (aaa1395).
  • Bug: Poliglot books from pgn doesn´t work (Michele Tumbarello).
Version 11.06b -> 11.06c:

  • It only includes a minimal change due to the fact that in the analysis, part of the test code was not deleted by mistake, and the effect is that two calculations of elo are shown, in this update the test code is deleted.

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