Saturday, February 15, 2014

Version 8.07e: more bugs

Bugs fixed:
  • Reading a pgn with 0 instead O (Brian S).
  • Resizing tutor board from menu Options (ADT)
  • Databases-Removing one database (Nils Andersson)
  • Playing against any engine, selection of opening, some deep openings aren't showed. (Nils Andersson)
  • Tournaments between engines with "initial position" LC doesn't insert FEN in the pgn (Stolcius Von Stolcenberg)
  • Some labels in English corrected (Nils Andersson)
(Edited 19/2/2014)
  • Tournaments between engines, don´t add engines with spaces in its path (Cristel C, Di Maria G.)
(Edited 14/3/2014)
  • Find Best Move, more height to solutions (tewald)
  • PGN reader-Utilities-List of FENs (david)
  • ESC in comments go out the app (MeWannaTakeYouHome)
(Edited 27/4/2014)
  • Show candidates option when in check.
  • Analysis window, save to FEN.(Matt L)
  • Some translations of mate in (Marco T)
(Edited 01/05/2014)
  • Learn a game, don´t works saved games. (Lady K)
And some news:
  • New translation, Suomi by Heikki J.
  • More games to FideElo.
(Edited 09/05/2014)
  • New translation, Brazilian by Laudecir Daniel
  • New translation, Indonesian by Heri Darmanto
  • Python 2.7.3
  • PyQt 4.9.6

To update:

Remember that all user data is in the UsrData subfolder of LucasChess folder.