Friday, October 7, 2011

Version 6.0

I have published version 6.0 :


  1. If an option for allowing an engine to take-over and play at any point in a training game, it would be helpful. For example in a new tabiya position from a long opening line or a difficult ending, where you know there is a win and you wish to learn right then... you can select any engine to play on *your* behalf, by clicking a button called ' Show Me the Win'.

    Just an idea. Of course the post game analysis will tell you how or what you missed, but I am suggesting this instant method since I most often do not scrutinize my games after it is over unless I lose badly.

  2. What about a button that would make the analysis of the current position ?.
    I could use the number 5 on the coordinates to do this, or the letter a.

  3. What I was looking at was the option to PLAY immediately without any slow time analysis.
    That would have to take place after the game was over. This is more like a strong player who sits in my seat and shows how to win any position that is confusing to me. I remember my club mates who were very strong compared to me (way back in 2002)who often played when I requested them to take over against my friendly opponent. It would save time and help me understand the new tabiyas. I used winboard for this previously. There is a great two engine mode in WB which helps me but it has a big flaw which I cannot explain here due to time/space constraints.
    Thank you Lucas. Wish you all the best.

  4. It will take same time to analyze it or to choose the best move. But in the second case, a window don´t appears.
    Also, you could use a kibitzer.
    If you need to explain with more time and space, you can use my email, lukasmonk at gmail.

  5. Hey, Luc!
    Just wanted to thank you for your beautiful chess program. I really enjoy using it.