Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tactical training with your own blunders

Thanks to the ideas contributed by Daniel Trebejo, bolokay and Ransith Fernando (edited 6/12/2011, unpardonable omission), it were added to  new version other options allow you to train tactical positions recovered from your own games.

The process is carried out in two parts:

  1. Collection of positions
  2. Training with these positions

1. Collection of positions

When you view a game with LC,

  • when you  just finished one,
  • or you have read with the PGN viewer,
  • or you have prepared with the option Training | Tools | Create your own game,

    if you choose Utilities|Analyze, in configuration window, in Other options tab, you can indicate what difference in points is considered a blunder, and you have some possibilities for generating training positions in 3 formats :

  1. List of FENS: it creates a file containing a list of positions in FEN format and this format is used by the training positions. This file is saved in the default folder UsrData/Personal Training, and the recorded files in this folder appear in the Training menu|Training positions|Personal Training, allowing a standard training with these positions.
  2. PGN format: generates a file of games each with a training position. Within the program can be consulted with the PGN viewer.
  3. Add a training to "Find best move": new in version 6.1, and is a different way to train.

It is also possible to collect training positions from the PGN viewer, for example read a PGN with all your games, and select Utilities|Mass analysis of blunders. The configuration options for generating training positions is similar to the previous case of one game.

2. Training with these positions

With LC can be trained :
    1. List of FENS-appears in the menu Training|Training positions|Personal Training, and can be trained in the standard way, with tutor support.
    2. Find best move: appear in the Training menu|Find best move

Find best move

The aim of this training is to find out what the best move (according to the engine that analyzed) at a given position, and persists until you find it, after, you can see the actual game where you made the move.

LC Keeps track of points winned and time spent in the group of positions that make up the training.

Once finished, you can repeat and keeping track of the overall results, to compare our progress.

After a workout you can generate new, even reanalyzing.

Link to LC 6.1 beta 8 :


  1. Hi Lucas, great work!
    Any chance of an Android version of Lucas Chess, with less engines?

  2. Thanks David.
    Translate all code to android now is very difficult, there are some projects in this sense but in an alpha state. I don´t know if in future can be possible.

    I use Chess for Android by Aart Bik and I like a lot of. It works with java version of Bikjump, and has the possibility to add many engines (

  3. Hello, I seem to be having a problem with this feature. It seems to mark the positions one half move before I would expect the mark. For instance, in one game, my opponent hung a knight to a 2-move tactic. When I do personal training on the file created on this game by the mass analysis tool, I'm presented with the position where he is about to make the blunder and it's his move. Shouldn't I be presented with the position where he made the blunder and I have to spot the tactic that wins the knight?

    1. Please, send me the pgn-game, the configuration of analysis and the move that should must appear, then I can solve the bug more easily.

  4. Question. did the "mass analysis" in lucas chess, had to close it. It saved a bunch of pgn and fen files. How do i pull up the games and see the stats about how suboptimal my play was relative to engine etc? Cannot find them in the pgn file it save with the games and training positions.

  5. I am interested in the blog "Tactical training with your own blunders." I went to "Training Positions" but could not find "Personal Training" on the list. Where is it?

  6. If you read a PGN and in Utilities, select Mass analysis, and in Wrong moves, you write Tactics name field, then you find this training in Trainings, Learn tactics by repetition,

  7. In "Find Best Move" in Windows 7, the correct answer is unreadable because it's only half-height. Thanks.

    1. I have added some pixels, to the next bug-fixing-release.

  8. Your work is great! appreciate it much