Wednesday, May 30, 2012


New in version 6.4, is the ability to manipulate the  board, using a separated window.

To display this window, you have to press the D key or choose option Director from the menu of the umbrella (top-left of board).

It appears a window with the next elements :

  • A main toolbar that lets you add new arrows, boxes and pictures and give them a name. In addition there are two options for copying main board to the clipboard or to save as a image file.
  • Below are two toolbars, to be configured by the user and used to drag and drop to work  board.
  • The work board, where it is possible to move/remove all elements. To remove right-mouse.
  • Pieces to drag and drop to work board.
  • A button to "Clean main board" of new elements.
  • A button to copy position of main board in work board.
  • "Boards coordinated" : a check box to select if each change in work board must have an immediate effect in main board.
  • An script zone, where all changes are noted.
    • Column 0 = main board
    • Column 1 = work board
    • Double click on Information to change values
    • Can be saved/restored with a name

In addition to using drag and drop, you can work with the keyboard and mouse combination. 

The process is: 
  1. First note two squares on the board with the mouse, using a mouse click on each. 
  2. Second pressing a function key from F1 to F10, corresponding to the position of the elements in the user tool bars.

Example 1 :

1. Click on d5
2. Click on e4
3. Press key F7

Example 2 :

1. Click on b1
2. Click on c3
3. Press key F1
4. Click on d5
5. Press key F1
6. Click on c7
7. Press key F1

If function keys are assigned in this way, it can be used with this window closed and directly over main board, only it is necessary to remember which visual element is assigned to each function key.
Also two additional function keys :

  • Ctrl-F1 : to remove last visual element added.
  • Ctrl-F2 : to remove all visual elements added.


  1. Thanks Lucas - This seems better and almost close to what I expected. !!!

    1. 6.4 dev 3, add possibility of use it directly on main board, based on a previous configuration in Director window. Also Ctrl-F1 to delete last visual element added and Ctrl-F2 to delete all.

  2. Don't know if this will get to you, but is Director part of Lucas Chess? Thanks---hsm

    1. I called Director but I could have used any name.
      This is included since version 6.4.
      To show it only is necessary to press a D key.

  3. Hi Lucas,
    What should I do to store various middle game as well as endgame positions with arrows and circles?


    1. Hi,
      Now it is not possible. In future I will include it in Tools-Create your own game.

  4. Thanks you very much for this incredible software for training, I found Every day new things, Its Amazing :). Best wishes and a great new year.

  5. It's entirely possible that I'm doing something wrong, but on version 10.12 when I go into Director mode, the two toolbars you reference with F1-F10 commands don't have any graphics associated with them, they're just empty dashed-out boxes that don't do anything when I try to interact with them.

    1. You must manually associate each box with a graphic element (right button).

  6. I can't get the hotkeys to work even though I've associated each element I want with a hotkey

    1. Version 11.04a, hotkeys = F1..F10, pressing F1, Director window appears, and you can create the graphic associated to F1.

  7. Why do arrows I put on the board and then save disappear after closing the Director.

    1. I am working in direct graphics with right mouse, then Director is not necessary.
      I have to redefine the way it works.

      If you want to test:


    2. Link to test seems to be broken.