Friday, July 12, 2013

Version 8 step 6: figurines

  • In Configuration, Appearance, can be set a new option : PGN with figurines, idea suggested by Michele Tumbarello.

  • NAG support is improved, now it can be select more than one, and some of them are associated to symbols as in "Sahovsky Informator", idea suggested by Michele Tumbarello. 

  • Kibitzers-Indices, new index, Positional pressure, and as is explained by Michele Tumbarello its author : It measures the amount of pression you exert over your opponent according only to material factors. 

  • In Personal opening guide, in Summary, improved option "Create new guide..."


  1. Do you plan on adding a database management system to Lucas? Would love to use your program to track personal games, keep a grandmaster master database etc. Maybe use SCID's format.

    Thank you

    1. Now there are a minimal database system, (Tools-Openings-Personal opening guide-Games). But yes, my idea is extend this, and improve edition of each game. In relation to struct, surely I use my own struct, because it can be adapted to my requisites.

    2. Thanks for the reply and noting the minimal database. Could you move it to another sub menu:

      Tools->Databases->Master | Personal | Create New

      That way it can be separated from opening work/training.

      Keep up the good work the program is very good and better then most commercial offerings.

      Thank you

    3. After summer, I will work on it, and it will have an own appart in Tools menu.

  2. Can I report a bug here please?

    For technical reasons I could not post pictures but describe by words only, sorry

    1. select Training -> Training mates -> Mate in 3

    2. click Level and go to Level 1, Block 3

    3. go to position 5/7

    Description of this position

    White(to move): Kh4, Ra7, Pb7,g4,h5
    Black: Kh6, Rb4, Pa4

    4. After 1.b8=Q Rxg4+ 2.Kxg4 a4, the White Queen at b8 is indragable?!

    Thank you for your attention to this.

    Yi Zili

    1. Thank you very much Yi Zili, I have fixed it to the next step (next week).