Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Version 8 step 7.02: correspondence chess and technique

  • New trainings positions : Technique by Michele Tumbarello
  • Correspondence Chess in Tools menu (Ken Brown) (a very first try-it needs a lot of feedback from users)
  • New themes by Michele Tumbarello.
  • Added some new non-standard nags. (Michele)
  • New look "Playing against..."
  • Keyboards shortcuts (left/right/up/down/home/end/avpag/dnpag) in analysis window, and enter in main window to analyze. (Pavel Rehulka)
  • New option "Play current position" in Analysis window and in Utilities menu, in "Playing against any engine", "PGN reader", "Create your own game" (jayriginal)
  • New option in configuration, "Show arrows of variants" (thetasquare)
  • New option in configuration, "Enable information panel by default" (thetasquare)
  • New option in configuration, "Show material" Captured material at beginning vs Difference material (Adaptation from idea Heikki Junes)
  • PGN first comment support
  • Tournaments between engines added option to set an initial position.(Michele Tumbarello)
  • Updated Stockfish to version 4


  1. Nice. You are rapidly becoming my replacement for lol. Now correspondence? Next up FICS integration :-)

    I can't get the install to work. Will install, but program does not start. I am using the portable version. (Windows 7 64bit)

  2. I'm afraid there might be an issue with resistance training. Regardless of settings, I cannot trigger a losing condition. As an example, I can make a blunder that loses more than 50 points, but I can continue on playing.

    1. Thanks,
      I´ll try to publish today a new dev-version, with that bug fixed.