Monday, October 21, 2013

Version 8 step 9: next web

New step with some news:

  • Scoring system is changed, based on a new web (today tomorrow I don´t know). Now when posting your scores, changes are done inmediately and web send feedback to user about its position in relation to other users.

  • New web is hosted in Openshift, and it is programmed in python, then it is possible (to me) a live scoring system. 

  • Improves in "Playing against any engine":
    • It can be selected engines that try to emulate playing style of GMs (created by Michele Tumabrello).

    • Configurations: allows to save active configuration with a name to restore in future. 

Updated (25-10-2013)-9.1:
  • Fixed a bug
  • Added: copy to clipboard FEN position in analysis window (M.Larson) 
Updated (27-10-2013)-9.2:
  • Fixed bug about saving video configurations.
  • Added: +button in variations panel, to launch directly an engine to respond your moves. (ADT)
Updated (27-10-2013)-9.3:
  • Fixed bug in "Opponents for Young Players" option.
Updated (28-10-2013)-9.4:
  • Fixed bug, when playing against Gaia engine.


  1. In Lucas-Elo the second game doesn't end after the checkmate.

    1. There is a problem with Gaia engine (some debug lines using this engine and I forgot to delete).
      Can be this your case ?

  2. It look like something wrong with analysis points in "Competition". If you give me your mail (or other services), I'll send you some screenshots.

  3. Lucas Chess seems to have the 50 move rule programmed incorrectly. The rule states 50 moves by both players, but Lucas Chess just claimed a draw after 50 total moves, 25 by each player.