Saturday, December 7, 2013

Version 8 step 11 (last+1): Other visualization training

I have added a new training, then a new step have been necessary:

This new training is named : "The board at a glance" , and  in spanish "Un vistazo al tablero".

  • The training consists of remembering what pieces are in a position, where they are, if they are attacked or if they attack other pieces. 
  • Previously, the user will be able to choose what characteristics he is interested in to remember.
  • It begins with 3 pieces and finished with 32.
  • Each block of training has a site associated, to the only effects of identifying each one from others.

List of trainings


To remember

To indicate


Other news:

  • Database has some improve, mainly suggested by IndianaJones about orderings. Now is available a positions database.
  • Engines:
    • Komodo 5 replaces Komodo 4
    • Stockfish DD (in honor Don Dailey) replaces Stockfish 4

  • In the help apart, are added:
    • Summary of game modes by Mike Eddies (english)
    • Guia rápida de referencia por Raúl Giorgi (spanish)
  • And some bugs fixed reported by Pavel Rehulka, Chess Genius, and more I don´t remember now.


  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to preserve settings between versions when using the portable version?

    1. All settings are in the UsrData folder, copy or don´t remove this.

  2. Awesome I love this program. Just love it!