Monday, January 13, 2014

Version 8.02: more bugs fixed and new index

Bugs fixed:

  • Reading PGN files with latin-1 characters (Marcus).
  • Analyzing with option to detect blunders, first time use (claes)
  • Reading PGN files with character - in moves (like 1. e2-e4...) (Marcus)
  • Kibitzers using Wine (katka)
  • Greko, not included in about (Vladimir)


  • New index "Material asymmetry" by Michele
  • Opening label when is too long then now is wrapped (Michele)
  • ESC key to go out in analysis of variants window (Pavel)


  1. Lucas Chess seems to have the 50 move rule programmed incorrectly. The rule states 50 moves by both players, but Lucas Chess just claimed a draw after 50 total moves, 25 by each player.

  2. Lucas chess is lot helpful for me to play and learn more about chess,just a feature that i think may be added to this is having some timer which calculates the time taken by a player to make a move.

  3. sir lucas
    i finished in training once in play like a grandmaster in 8.02 after that i cant play anymore. and i update it on 8.03, and it stil not functioning. please help me sir. thanks

  4. w0w i think play like grandmaster training is only functioning in 8.01 and not in 8.03

    1. Yes, I have fixed now.
      I´ll try to publish today.
      Thank you very much