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Version 9 step 1c

The next version will be the 9, I have no date for its publication, the most likely to take at least one year, in the meantime I will publish the development version from time to time.


  • Playing in general:
    • Tutor opinion saved (when option marked in configuration), even when it is the same as user move. (ADT)
    • When playing opponent then changed cursor (and doesn´t show a message) (?)
    • Keyboard changed to support indicating moves by keyboard (Robert Anderson), now f=flip, c=save pgn, i=save png img, d=director, needs Alt.
    • Can be stablished main window as top window in relation other programs. (Red Hood)
    • Analysis of a game-> option to show histogram. (ADT)
  • Lucas elo:
    • It is possible to play against all better engines, even from beginning. (?+++)
  • Playing against any engine:
    • Tutor used and tutor general are now the same. (ADT)
    • Shows arrows with the thought of opponent. (Michele)
    • Opening selection, can be selected by mouse, and with the depth the user wants, allowing non standard.
    • Option to select a poliglot book and that their moves are mandatory.
    • Added second chance option, then when move is not the better, program shows the number of better moves and user can select to rethink. (Remes)
    • Warm when zeitnot can be set (bbbaro25us,Rui Grafino), and the sound associated.
  • Playing like a GM:
    • Internally changed, it is incompatible with previous versions.
    • Can be selected the opening. (Adrijan)
    • Bypass moves in a book. (Jeremy Bernstein)
  • Database:
    • Databases can be placed in any folder. (?)
  • Tools-Engines:
    • Support to STS: Strategic Test Suite, More info Authors: Dan Corbit & Swaminathan
  • Director:
    • Added square markers
  • Training openings:
    • Changed interface to select opening
  • Engines:
    • Stockfish 5
    • Tarrasch Toy 0.905 (0.906 creates log)
  • Fide-elo,Fics-elo:
    • Always use tutor engine.
    • Enhanced analysis, now can be asked for new current analysis as engine is working in background. (Nils Andersson)
  • Determine your calculating power:
    • Added possibility to repeat a training (Swaminathan)
  • Kibitzers:
    • Option to enable or disable as top window(always visible or not) (thetasquared)

Download: LucasChessPortable9step1c.exe

1a: 26/8/2014: fixed two bugs (Comment #1)
1b: 28/8/2014: fixed bug in "Play like a GM" when importing games. (Ramesh P.)
1c: 31/8/2014: Playing against any engine, tutor analysis is always added. (ADT)


  1. Hi Lucas,
    terrific work!

    Usted merece una estatua!
    (have i written it right?)
    On my first quick try, I'm having these problems:
    "Determina tu potencia de càlculo" and "Comprueba tu memoria sobre un tablero"[they freeze when the message "Un momento por favor" is showed on the screen]
    Kind regards,
    Stolcius Von Stolcenberg

    1. Thank you very much,
      I have tried to fix them.
      A new distribution is available.

  2. Tnx, Lucas: fixed! :-)

    I've spotted another little bug.
    After having analyzed a game, i click on "Show graphics", but nothing happens.

    Best regards,

    1. When "Show graphics", program creates a html file, then say to OS to open this file with the default program, and this is usually the default browser.
      File created is histoA.html in the html program subfolder.
      Can you read this file with browser ? or are html files associated with default browser in your PC?

    2. Solved: the problem was with my browser configuration.


  3. Hi, Lucas,
    Adjourn function doesn't work with "Elo Ratings" & "Training Ratings".
    - I push the button
    - LC shuts down
    - At restart the chessboard is empty and frozen

    Bug.log is empty
    On the other hand, with "Play against an engine" it works correctly

    Best regards,

  4. Lucas, thank you for your excellent work. I have a question. How can I add my pgn positions for the my analysis in training "determine your calculating power".

    1. It is not easy to add.
      I add your suggestion to the pending list.

  5. Lucas добавить функцию "сеанс одновременной игры"

    1. Hi Husniddin, I have not forgotten your suggestion about simultaneous chess games, it is pointed in my list.

  6. Amazing program; just keeps getting better! Thank you!!


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