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Version 9 step 7: collection of tourney-elo personalities by Michele Tumbarello

New set of playing personalities, created by Michele Tumbarello, that can be played in "Tourney elo" and "Playing against any engine":
A great work, during 14 months, running games 8/9 hours a day, not fewer than 12000 test-games. 
Michele has prepared a pdf with all explanations: The second generation of playing personalities in LC 9  
They are 117 new personalities, with information about characteristics.

117 personalities + 3x7 GM

More news:

Windows binaries:


  1. Great program thx. Any chance of ipad version.

    1. I'm sorry but I do not know at all this technology, I need much help to support it.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful program, and especially thanks for making it free & open source!
    Here are some comments on the latest release (9 step 7) for windows:

    · 'Help to move' is getting stuck most of the time (even with MultiPV set to 1).
    · DiscoCheck seems badly build for windows. when started manually (from command line) it errs with "The procedure entry point _ZNSt6chrono3_V212system_clock3nowEv could not be located in the dynamic link library libstdc++-6.dll". (when started from within Lucas it does seem to work, after a long pause, but I'm not sure).

    Some general comments/requests:
    · It would be helpful to be able to set general settings for all (UCI) engines that accept some option, such as NalimovPath.
    · It would be helpful & very informative to be able to see all the settings and parameters for all the different engines (from Lucas-Elo & Tourney-Elo, including Monkey till Snake).
    · In 'Play like a grandmaster', 'Import' is trying to read a list from the internet. This is a problem for me, since I have no connection on windows, therefore I can't import even local files. Why not fall-back to the local list (listaGM.txt)?
    · The 'Database' tool is creating really large files for any sizeable PGN file. Have you considered using the Scid file format?

    Again, thank you very much for this awesome software. I'm not trying to criticize, hopefully some of my comments will be helpful.

    With due respect.

    1. Thanks philmath for all the feedback.
      Help to move launch tutor engine, If tutor works this too. I believe it is an engine problem.
      Discocheck, fixed now in my copy.
      A panel with UCI options, some fixed, is a good idea, I will try to implement it.
      Folder with all GM:
      Download and unzip, and put in GM folder.
      Database is much more flexible with that format (sqlite) from my point of view, if I want to add more features.


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