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Version 9.03a: new set of pieces, staunton 3D and new translation, Chinese simplified

New set of pieces, Staunton 3D by Marc Graziani.

  • New, Chinese simplified by Kevin Sicong Jiang.
  •  Great updates in:
    • Indonesia by Heri Darmanto
    • Azeri by Shahin Jafarli

In graphics of analysis, added column of % (Remes)

Bugs fixed:
  • Arrows in rotating board (Алексей Лаврухин)
  • Fide-Fics/elo don´t shows diff points in observations (Chris K.)
  • About colors and translations by Max Aloyau
  • Fide-Fics/elo calculations wrong when some position of checkmate. (Oleg)
  • Bad link to simplex engine (Xema)


  1. Thank you for this wonderful Program! But since I've updated to 9.03a (my previous version was 9.03) I discovered that after an analysis of a game the graphics are not shown anymore. Any idea what could be wrong? (My System: Windows 7 SP1, 64bit)

    1. And what about pressing Utilities, Analysis, Show graphics ?

  2. Thank you for the quick reply! Perhaps my comment should have been more verbose (mea culpa!). I've tried this too. I get the message 'One moment please...' and after that, nothing happens. If I'm the only one experiencing this problem, perhaps I should download the latest version and try again...

    1. Yes, it is better to test last version.

    2. Well, now I can confirm that updating via 'Information' > 'Search for Updates' caused the problem (at least for me - for some reason). Downloading and running the program again showed no strange things so far.
      Perhaps it was only me experiencing this unexpected result, because some other odd things happened on my computer lately (a BSoD for example).

    3. I have done now an updating from 9.02->9.03a and I have not any problem, I guess this is not the example correct to trap the bug.

  3. Hi Lucas!
    Is there a typo in the article heading? I think it is Staunton and not Stauton. Just for your info :)
    I love this software and will make an article soon in my blog

    1. Thanks, changed.
      I will watch your web to read the article.

  4. Hi,
    first of all, thank you Lucas for this amazing chess program! I started to use it from version 8 and this new version is way better: more training, more engines, ecc...

    but I have to report a problem (a bug, probably?): when I start a tournament between engines and I choose also the "roce0.0390" engine, when I start the matches appear an error window, that says:"roce: Path does not exist. EnginesWindows\roce\roce39" and the tournament doesn't start. it's not an important bug, I am sure you can fix it for the next version.
    finally, I want to suggest to you a new feature for the next version: could be really cool the possibility for the human player to join a tournament between engines :)

    1. Roce will work in the next release.
      The possibility of joining to a tournament is something that more people asked me. I add your idea to the list of suggestions.
      Thank you very much.


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