Saturday, June 13, 2015

Version 9.05: some bugs fixed

Bugs fixed:

  1. Wrong analysis label when mate. (dima d)
  2. When program path includes cyrillic characters. (tserv)
  3. Merging polyglot books.
  4. Renaming a Personal opening guide. (Mario L)
  5. Changed stockfish with a compilation valid to old pcs. (Jörg R)
  6. Play like a GM, when saving to PGN. (Uli)
  7. Cinnamon engine, problems working with low depths, fixed by author Giussepe Cannella. (Xema)
  8. Moving pieces pressing cell, can put pieces in wrong positions. (Bolivar Gonzalez)


  1. I Lucas! Thank you for this wonderful chess program!!
    I have the problem, that I get an error trying to update from v9.04. Any ideas?

    1. Hi, try it again. I have fixed the bug.
      It is possible that an error message appears (there is another bug), but if the program is restarted, then select option Information, About, the new version is installed.
      Thank you very much

    2. Hi Lucas, thank you very much! It worked! :D

  2. Is there a way to show all engines when trying to do an analyze? Far from all the engines shows up in the analysis configuration window under utilities, same goes for some external engines. I've loaded up ProDeo 1.6 and it can analyze a move if clicked on but not the whole game.
    Big thanks for all your hard work!

    1. It is necessary that engine has MulPV option.