Friday, September 9, 2016

Version 10: beta 4a, graphics in the analysis improved


  • Resistance training: in configuration added "Lost points in a move" as another limit (idea by Michele Tumbarello).
  • Engines:
    • Updated Deepfish 7 (Marco Zerbinati).
    • New RodentII (Pawel Koziol).
    • Simplified engines internal rutines, thanks to the feedback of Max Aloyau.
  • Kibitzers, indexes: Rodent II is always used, as stablished by author of formulas, Michele Tumbarello.

  • Analysis: improved the graphics, now interactives. (Remes proposal I think, maybe others too)


  1. "The requested path was not found." <-- Installable version link. =)

    1. No me he acordado de quitar los links.
      Ya no está en beta, esta semana he publicado la versión 10.01.
      El link lo tienes en la web.

  2. No no, el error fue mío. Usualmente tengo el "último" update del blog agregado en favoritos, pero este mes, me olvidé de cambiarlo. =P