Thursday, January 26, 2017

Development version 11.00.09: more engines


In this version 7 engines have been added, now are 47.
I have in mind the arbitrary number of 50 engines in the windows version (in Linux is more complicated),
Norbert Raimund help me to select the next engines (that meet the limit of having a 32bit version):

More changes:

Some internal improvings in transiberian (coded by Alfonso Solbes)

  • improving detection of draws
  • little performance improvement checking human moves

Added new param in analysis of a game/stability control that allows to limit the time of search (thanks to Max Aloyau).


Fixed, GM Engines" & "Tourney-Elo" don't work in version 11, nothing comes up (thanks to philmath)
Fixed upperbound and lowerbound in the response of engines (thanks to the feedback of vga)


  1. FYI SmarThink won't start and says "Please verify that both the operating system and the processor support Intel(R) X87, CMOV, MMX, FXSAVE, SSE, SSE2 and SSE3 instructions" on my Win7x64 AMD FX6300 system. I guess it's not very AMD-friendly.

    1. Thanks.
      I have the same problem with my old PC.

    2. OK, another question. Are you sure that the *free* version of Delfi can play any ELO from 1000 to 2600? I always thought that it can play either at full strength, or limited to 1000 (and only to 1000). I never checked, though.

    3. The uci command show:
      ; Delfi 5.4 - Winboard/UCI chess engine [MMX version]
      id name Delfi 5.4
      id author Fabio Cavicchio
      option name Hash type spin default 16 min 2 max 128
      option name UCI_Elo type spin default 2600 min 1000 max 2600
      option name UCI_LimitStrength type check default false

      It says min 1000, I don´t know if this enough exact.

    4. Yes, i know about the UCI output. But from the delfi web page :
      There are "Delfi Trainer" and "Free Delfi". Free version note says "At easy levels, this version can be set to 1000 ELO, which is very nice for beginners. This version can also be set to 1 or 2 CPUs."
      From the ini-file:
      "The standard version of Delfi plays only at 1000 ELO (or full strength)"

      So I think that the free version limited to 1000. But as i said i never tried Delfi with UCI_Elo=1000 vs UCI_Elo=2000 to check if they actually the same.

    5. Tested, you have reason, I have removed from 1100 and the rest. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi. Two questions, please:

    1) Can i do statistics in the PGN file, with the software, like: totals games of a player, number of wins, draws, loses, %, oldest game, etc?

    2) In the graph of analysis, is the upper limit fixed to 3.0 score?

    3) I have no understood the scope of last update "Stability Control" :-))))

    Thank you. Lucas is fantastic !!!

    1. Hi Giovanni,
      1) Yes, Tools, Database, Complete games, Database, Create a new database, Import from a pgn. Summary. Double click on Date.
      2) Yes, I believe that +-3.0 it is clear that is winning/losing.
      3) Program do a control of the result in each depth, and to know that there is no variation in the last depth, that is evaluation is consistent in the last depths analyzed, a way in my opinion to add quality to the analysis.

  3. Ok. Great !!!!! Thank you....
    Please, last quetion.... can I flip the board?
    Thank you very much ! CIao.

    1. With keyboard: Alt F
      With mouse: pressing the circle at right button or right top.

    2. Fantastic.
      Thank you very much. I have not seen it, pressing key "K" (Active Keys).
      Thank you again!!!!

  4. Thanks for the shiny new update!
    SmarThink crashes for me too (win 7 intel x64). I think it needs its book.

    Thank you!

    1. Then it is not an arquitecture problem.
      The book is included = values.txt.
      It has more problems, setting limit of time to think, it seems that doesn't work.

  5. Hey Lucas,

    Would it be possible to add the ability to export a Personal Opening Guide file to pgn?

  6. Would prefer one pgn (sorry, that was my question early, I didn't realize I was logged in with other account when I posted).

  7. Great nice program
    But I would suggest to integrate a function of analysis variants such as Arena ...
    The program functions are useful and should be maintained, but in some cases it is much, much more useful to be able to see entire variants that move as of move LucasChess ...

  8. Sorry, there is this function in Lucas Chess ;) ;)

  9. I have downloaded SmarThink separately, the 32-bit version crashes, the 64-bit version works just fine. Seems it's an architecture issue after all.
    Maybe there can be a 64-bit version of Lucas with 64-bit version of all the engines? most computers today are 64-bit, but many are not BMI2 compatible. Chess engines are typically as much as 30% faster in 64-bit.

    1. There are still many 32-bit computers. In the future it will be an option.