Monday, May 22, 2017

Development version 11.00.17

Bugs fixed:

  • Editing a database game (Bernhard):
    • activating information, disable pieces moves
    • pressing x doesn´t ask toprevent lost of changes.
  • Error creating external engines in folders with cyrillic characters (katl)


  • Added an icon in bottom-left in all boards to config that replace right button in the border.It can be hidden in the Options/Configurations menu/Boards, but menu always appears pressing left button in that area.

  • Analysis graphic window:
    • Added captures (Joël D)
    • Some other cosmethic changes.
  • File names created in analysis changed (Nils Anderson):
    • Instead of "AfterBlunders" "ExploitBlunders"
    • Instead of "BeforeBlunders" "AvoidBlunders"
  • When showing a move, if there is an analysis, an arrow of the best move is showed. (Vladimir)
  • Marking Caro-Kann as a favorite opening by default. (Nils Anderson)
  • McBrain engine updated to version 2.3
  • Training positions: added Play Current Position in Utilities (Brent)


  1. hi lucas please add simultanius game options.
    and please add playing more engine one position one time

    1. To play simultaneus games can be done launching more than a time Lucas Chess. (not easy to do a direct implementation)
      And to add playing more engines, you can use all kibitzers that you want.

  2. Will analysis improve if I am not doing other things on my computer why the computer is analyzing my game from "create your own game"?

    1. If you select a fixed time to think the engine, then it can be affected, but in many cases very little.

    2. What if the computer (automatically) goes to sleep (after some period of inactivity)?

    3. This is controled by the OS, Windows in this case.
      Theoretically, it wake up with the same conditions.

  3. Please Add the Engine log window like arena also live internet multiplayer(where i can play to fics) in Lucas Chess..

  4. Daire veya başka bir işaretleyiciler ile karelerin vurgulanması daha iyi olabilir. Lucas,açılış , oyun ortası ve oyun sonu için farklı elo hesaplayabilir mi?( buradaki amaç oyuncunun nerede hata yaptığını bulabilmek)

    1. With Director (Alt-D), you can select circles, boxes, ....
      I don´t understand the seconnd part of your question.

  5. When I analyze a game I get elo performance. Can you calculate elo performance for analysis, the opening, middlegame and endgame ?

  6. Hi lucas thanks for all your work,

    Could it be possible to add another type of time control ?
    In shogi there's a time control called "one minute per move". Each time you move your time reset to one minute but you never gain any time. It's quite exciting.
    For the moment to do it with your software I just look at the time I spent and try to stay below 1 minute each move but it would be more exciting if it was implemanted ^^.

    Anyway just an idea,

    Good day to you my chess friend,

    1. It is a good idea, only with effect to the player and not the engine, I note it.

    2. Hi Lucas !
      Lucaschess is really a very good and interesting software programme.
      One of my student uses it since one year and his Elo-rating passed since 1300 to 1950 FIDE !

      Can you create time control as 1h30+30s/move ?
      Or better : you can enter your 1st control for 40 moves and the second... to obtain tournament cadences... ?

      Thnak you very much for your very good job !

    3. Hi Lucas !
      Thank you very much for your very interesting software programme ! I use it with my students, with good results !
      Is it possible to create tournament time controls with the rule concerning the first 40 moves, and block the DGT since the player move is played on the board (and not when the programme played). Or allow a time choice to the manipulation...

      Congratulations for your funny job !

    4. Hi Manuel,
      I am happy to know that the program is helping in the real world. 650 points is extraordinary, if the program has helping something in that is a very good news.
      Work in time options is something pending, I take note about it.
      Thank you very much.

  7. Once you press "quit" in "create your own game", there is an option to save the game, but if you press "yes" followed by "cancel" you still quit and the game is not saved. Can this be changed so that if you press "cancel" here then the game does not quit, or if this is not possible perhaps add an "Are you sure?" regardless of whether the user saves or not?

    1. I have done some changes, please, test this in the next update.

  8. It would be interesting if the players could make arrows during the game to analyze the best moves, for example, as in the lichess. And an option to make red squares selections in critical pieces.
    Thank you Lucas for everything! :)

    1. Something similar is in project.