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Version 11.07a: Shortcuts

  • They are activated pressing right mouse button on main toolbar.
  • The options that can have ashortcut is extended to menus Play, Train, Compete, Tools.
  • ALT <number> keys can be used.
  • Label showed can be edited (double click over field).
  • Endings are again not guided if they have 4 pieces or less (uses syzygy tablebases-pychess library).
  • Now when changing level save current level state.

New trainings positions: 
  • Singular moves to equalize.
  • Singular moves to win.

  • Kibitzers, when add a new kibitzer, all others reset their results (Jan Bernard)
  • Database order by plies (Antonio G)

11.07 -> 11.07a:
  • Bug, creating new external engine (S Weber)
  • Opening lines, sequential/static training added information about which lines are training on (Lee Simbeye).
  • Tournament between engines, Pause option (Max Aloyau)

Downloads : 


  1. Good work! Training opening lines really helped me in the last tournament with openings. I like that you can change and update the lines easily. Just a little bug though. When using sequential, example line 1/4 or 1/7 etc does not update. It would be nice to know which line you training on and can easily fix if need be. Thank you Lucas. This is looking good!

    1. Thanks Lee, added this information to the next update.

    2. Hello Lucas. What about the opening report? Still considering
      adding it?

    3. Yes Lee, it is interesting for me, then I´ll find the time to code, not now, and perhaps in a fast mode like to create an excel file.

    4. okay. Thanks Lucas... I will be waiting :)

  2. hello
    report a problem
    after update from 11.06 to 11.07
    when add an extern engine it seam that lucas are running in loop and must hard shutdown for reboot
    (linux and wine)
    11.06 work fine

  3. Thank you for writing this excellent program!

    Where is the option to train with opening lines? I can make them and edit them, but I can't figure out how to train with them.

    1. Editing one with some lines, and pressing Train in the toolbar.

  4. Oh thanks. The >> button with the Train option in the toolbar was invisible until I moused over it and clicked it, maybe because I have black as my general background color.

  5. Thanks for creating this wonderful program. It will definitely take lot of days to get a complete understanding on all the features. Really appreciate your dedication and love for the game!! I recommended this program to many of my chess friends.

    I have few queries. Please help me with this. Sorry the list is big :) Please take your own time sir.

    #The best part of the tool is to play against an engine. That too engine with a second generation personality associated with it. Now I have one issue here. Every engine personality under, "Game againt an engine of your choice\Tourney Engines" has few more options like Time, Depth and Set strength and the default value is Depth: 3.

    1. Do the Depth / Time has some effect on the personality? For example, if i select, No.133 edna Elo 1190 what is the correct Depth setting? It should be more time or Depth?

    2. Like if I select Carlsen personality then still default option is Depth 3. If Carlsen personality should behave like Carlsen we need to go with Time or Depth. it is really confusing. I understand the difference between Depth and Time. However i am not sure which one is more preferrable for Personality.

    3. If I change the strength as Similar to the player then still prsonality operates with in its limits or it will be changed drastically.

    4. While creating tournament between Engines, there is an option under Configuration called, "Initial position from Normal Pollock openings database". This is a great feature. Engine game will start with a random opening position. Please enable the same feature for the normal games against Engine. Like when we start a new game in Game againt an engine of your choice\Initial moves\Start position.

    5. Is there anyway to increase the board size in Kibitzers\Candidates or Kibitzers\Threats. Sometimes Kibitzers\Candidates is running in a loop and when i tried to stop the analysis it is causing LC to stop.

    6. In your opinion which one more human like engine? Need not to be strong. My concern is i want a companion to use in the Resources for Zebras\Determine your calculating power. If i select Stockfish it is difficult to think the variation stockfish is expecting. Please suggest some engine to use in this feature.

    Once again, thanks a lot for creating LucasChess !!

    1. Thanks Arun,
      1. Yes it has no sense in case of personalities, in that case the best is depth="--" and time=0.0, and to config the Time tab.

      2. The same: depth="--" and time=0.0, and config Time tab.

      3. Similar has only sense to engines which can be tutor because it has configurated with MultiPV to a value, that allows to know which move in the multiple list, has an score next to 0.0 (answer 6).

      4. Good idea, I take note.

      5. All boards have a key in top left corner, press in it.

      6. You could test with Cheng, Fruit, Texel, Komodo, Gaviota, Rhetoric, Glaurung, Rybka, Critter, Gull, Toga.

  6. Wow this is fast! Thanks for the prompt response!

  7. Thank you for all your work on this great program!

    One feature I would like would be to train the same tactics set repeatedly, with a record of time for the set and # wrong.

    This is different from "learn tactics by repetition," which uses spaced repetition to space out the tactics.

    I mean to take the same set (say, the 60 problems in UNED "decoys") and repeat it every day until you can do all 60 problems with no errors in 3 minutes. (as an example). Would something like this be possible? I find this is the best way for me to study tactics.

    1. Turn on Lights can help in this.
      I am working in new option in this training that works with one file: one line, one file.


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