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Version 11.10a: Opening lines, training with engines

Opening lines
    New training against some engines, user plays games against engines with some conditions:

    • Mandatory moves: in the first part, the user and the engine must each make moves defined in the opening lines created.
    • Moves until the control: for the second part, the motor moves without restrictions and the user must select one of the lines or another movement if not provided for in one of the lines.
    • At the end, the controlling engine calculates the score of the first move out of the lines and the score of the last move, and this difference must be less than that set in "Maximum number of centipawns...", to move to the next engine.
    • There are 5 levels, each level change increases the time thought by the rival engine. (0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8 secs)
    • Bunch of engines: user select a block of 8 engines to play against in each level.

    Import of Personal Opening Guides and Export to PGN (proposed by Jonathan Cremers)

   New type of kibitzer, now is a polyglot book, an easy way to consult a book when analyzing a game.

More changes
  • Messages out of board, some messages appear now out of board. (Cottonchess)
  • Support to lost on time and rival has not enough material, then draw. (London)
Version 11.10 -> 11.10a:
  • Training positions don´t work (thanks to Antonio P. Peter B.)
Downloads : 


  1. Can I comment in spanish? even if I translate them. Thanks

  2. hola.tengo un problema con la instalacion,me sale un mensaje,indicandome algun error en la instalacion para windows 10,lo tuve instalado hace algun tiempo,y me fue genial,de repente salio el mensaje,lo desistale,y ahora no puedo ver nada aunque parece ser que ejecuta la instalacion correctamente gracias.

    1. Mira en la carpeta de instalación del programa, Archivos de programa (x86)\LucasChess, y ejecuta directamente el fichero Lucas.exe


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