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Version 11.12a: writing down moves of a game

  • Writing down moves of a game (new resource for zebras)
    • The objective is to write fluently the moves in pgn, which can be useful when you start playing long live games.
    • The process is very simple, 
      1. You choose a new game and the program selects one automatically. 
      2. Then the color is selected, in order to show the board. 
      3. Then a move is shown on the board and it is asked at the top to write the same in pgn format, pressing "intro key" continues with the next.
      4. There is no distinction between upper and lower case.
      5. The result is displayed at the end

Changes and improves:
  • Learn a game, show arrow to correct move
  • McBrain updated to version 9.9 by Michael Byrne
  • Training "opening lines" with engines:
    • added the possibility to play against external engines.
    • can be configured automatic analysis when failure.
    • can be configured different levels and books associated
  • Tournaments between engines, pgn to save includes elo information (C. Daniel)

Bugs fixed
  • Incorrect link to the web of transsiberian image in About window(Matt L)
  • Opponents for young players, don´t allow to replay (Cable Guy)

Downloads : 


  1. thanks a lot. it is a great app

  2. Even in version 11, engine tournament has still many bugs. If I play tournament that contains more than 1000 games, after 1-2 hour, engines stop playing. I am not able to quit game, every button does not respond. I have to kill LucasChess process.

    LucasChess adjudication does not work well. A lot of games ended as a draw so early and other engines could win. Today the strongest engine played a game in my tournament. Game ended and even engine has more than 900 centipawns advantage, LucasChess adjudicate this game a loss for the strongest engine. :( Could you please me when will be these bugs fixed?

    1. Hi, Paul I could fix these many bugs, one by one and with feedback. Please contact me with my email lukasmonk at gmail, and I can try to fix all bugs you say me. I need specific cases to replicate the problem in my computer and solve it, this is for me the easiest way. And I could share with you the new code in its case.

  3. hello when I give to analyze a game the analysis result window is untrained

    1. Sorry, I don´t understand, give me more information, please.

    2. I play a game against the machine then I give the utility tab after analyzing
      When you finish analyzing the game, the window results from unbalanced analysis out of place
      my screen resolution is 1440x900

    3. You could reduce window size, pressing on the left-upper corner of the board, and changing its size.

  4. Hi I downloaded version 11.12a of Lucas chess. And installed it. But I can't run it on my windows 10 64 bit HP envy recline all in one 27 inch pc
    I have no problem to run the 11.11 version of Lucas Chess.

    1. I can't imagine a reason, 11.11 and 11.12a are almost the same. Perhaps bug.log file has some information that explain it.
      From 11.11 and Information, Search for updates -> 11.12a

    2. Hi Lucas

      There is something very strange. If I first uninstall version 11.11 and then clean install version 11.12a from the download I cant start the version 11.12a of Lucas Chess. I I double click on it nothing happens. I I update to version 11.12a like you explained (information and search for updates). I can launch version 11.12a without problems.

    3. Thanks Jonathan, I´ll test it.

  5. hi it seems that there is x64 engines and i can't run them even i have a x64 computer, any solution?

    1. Only 64-bit engines have been included for computers with a 64-bit processor compatible with the Haswell architecture. Bmi2 compatible. Not all 64-bit computers are supported.


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