Thursday, March 10, 2011

Development version 5.00 dev 3 - Polyglot books

New step in the development of version 5, added support for reading books Polyglot, allowing its use in the following :
     - Trainig/Game Against an engine of your choice
     - Training/Utilities/PGN Viewer
     - Training/Utilities/Create your own game

It includes a book made ​​from games of Grandmasters, played from 1970 to 2010.

The source code of the routines is a python translation of sources in c of Michael Van den Bergh ( )

To make the query : +Options / Consult a book

Shows the movements which can be chosen .

You can perform basic maintenance movements :
     - Instal new
     - Remove
     - Modify

Modify : with "Consult default" can be set more than one book to shows its proposals.

There is also the option to activate the analysis mode :

Analysis mode : the consultation of the book is done from the previous position , showing alternatives to the current move.

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