Friday, March 18, 2011

New option : Training mate positions

New step in the development of the new version 5.

It adds the option of training mate positions from mate in 1 move to mate in 4 moves.

The positions are taken :

  • Mate 1-2 : from positions prepared by  Eduardo Sadier. 
  • Mate 3-4 : from positions prepared by Pascal George and included in SCID a free chess database app.

It is divided into levels, each level has 10 blocks, each block has a number of positions depending on the type of mate.

  • Mate in 1 has 500 levels of 10 blocks of 15 positions each.
  • Mate in 2 has 700 levels of 10 blocks of 10 positions each.
  • Mate in 3 has 80 levels of 10 blocks of 7 positions each.
  • Mate in 4 has 30 levels of 10 blocks of 5 positions each.

No difference in difficulty from one level to the next, the limitation is that you can not move from one level to the next if not all blocks have been completed without error ( no matter the time used ).

To train a block in current level : double click on the row block
To train the next level : you click on Level icon and choose level and block level .

Playing have a help icon that indicates the move and also adds one to the number of errors .

Link :

Also it is included Critter 1.0.


  1. I have a mac outdated and the only way to use lucas chess is "run online app With dropp box"

    how to configure the portablelucaschess to have free access mate1 levels ?? every time I go in and out - the Settings is cleared, then it is impossible to advance through the levels.

    excuse my bad english.

    1. Hola, no sabía que se podían lanzar aplicaciones de windows con drop box, pensaba que solo se podía hacer con wine o parallel.
      El fichero que guarda los datos es mate.ddb, la fecha del fichero puede dar un pista de cuando se ha actualizado.
      Puedes copiarlo en otro lugar una vez hecho el entrenamiento, y comprobar si se cambia.
      O quizás no se puede modificar y falta algún permiso.
      Un saludo

  2. Is it possible to review the mate before it automatically moves onto the next one?

  3. I know you can do this in the mates in gm games