Monday, February 20, 2017

Development version 11.00.11: elo perfomance

The main feature added is a new value shown when analyzing a game, it is the elo perfomance, a formule created by Michele Tumbarello that calculates the elo of each move and of the game. This formula is designed to do the more accurate results when using MacBrain as engine and a minimum time of 5 second per move.

More news:

  • Captures: added a new option "Material advantage". (Carlo)

Bugs fixed:

  • Replay a game doesn´t show information about captures and comments (thanks to Ed Smith)
  • Linux, main window now can be maximized/minimized (thanks to ACinnamonUserInUK)
  • Some corrections to the tactics of Transsiberian (done by Alfonso Solbes)


  • Removed fixed elo of Delphi from 1100 to 2600, maintaining 1000 the only that is working (detected by Serg Iv)
  • New engine: Hannibal 1.7 Authors: Samuel N. Hamilton and Edsel G. Apostol, Home Page:
  • Texel updated to 1.07a6
  • McBrain updated to 1.2
  • Removed smarthink, 32 bits version has problems in some pcs.


  1. Hi.
    The new feature of ELO score in analysis is GREAT !!!
    But i have 1460 Elo Fide, and analyzing my games, Lucas Chess gives me a average performance of 2900 ELO !!!
    Thank you

    1. Yes, the Elo performance should be more realistic, if not it would not be useful at all.For example, the overall rating could decrease if a serious mistake is done in the game (a sort of penalty calculation).

    2. The calculation of elo perfomance of the game, now is a simple arithmetic mean.
      Michele Tubarello is the creator of the formula. I have asked him about this.
      Meanwhile, I have tested adding two factors in the mean(only):
      1. no low 1000 limit,
      2. and using the variety of moves in each position as a weight.

      If you want to test:
      This is a zip file, to uncompress maintaining the folders, to replace 3 files in the installation.

  2. Hi
    In the graph of analysis, what the vertical "red bars" indicate?
    Thank you.

  3. Here on ArchLinux 64 with wine 1.9.22, when playing TourneyElo (vs rose), hamster.exe starts to use a lot of CPU and doesn't stop even when it's my turn. So for now i can't use this version.

    1. Version of Hamster is the problem, it works well with 0.5, if you want to test, change bin file in Engines/Windows/hamster, with the same file in version 10, (or write me an email).

  4. Hi.
    Can i disable the opening Book in a tournament between engines ?
    Thank you.

    1. In Configuration tab: Book = *default, unchecked=Initial position of....
      In Engines tab: each engine configured with Own book

  5. Thank you for the update. God Bless

  6. Thank you.
    I will use this space to report a bug:
    i loaded a database with all capablanca games in pgn; when i tried to use the filter option (any of them) to search for instance all the games with alekhine, the system always aplies a e4 opening filter that modifies the result of the filtering, and its impossible to turn off. Please take a look!
    thank you again.