Sunday, February 26, 2017

Development version 11.00.12: bug fix release

Thanks to the feedback of the last post of this blog I have compiled a new release:

  • Hamster engine return to 0.5 (jojoB)
  • Error in database filters (Patricio Cainzos)
  • Elo perfomance of the game, provisional change (pending of study of Michele Tumbarello) to give more effect to blunders (MR)
  • Lost points in the analysis graph, now can be hidden (Giovanni di Maria)


  1. Hi thank you very much for the update. I think now that the graph, to be perfect:

    1) it should be useful a button to copy the graph into the clipboard

    2) the limit if graph should be dynamic and not to stop to 3.0

    Thank you very much
    Giovanni Di Maria

  2. Hi Lucas, thanks for supplying us with such a great gadget. Only issue I have is board size in the training units i.e. "find the best move". It is so small, it's hardly usable. Is there a way to adjust that board size as well ?

    Running on Windows10 with 3000x2000 resolution.

    Thanks for helping,


    1. Right button on the left-top of the board. This is valid to all boards.

  3. Hi,
    Where can i find the differences between Stockfish and McBrain? Thank you very much,

    1. You have info and links in: