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Version 11.02: some bugs fixed

 Bugs fixed:

  • STS: it doesn´t works (Husniddin Sharafutdinov)
  • Training mates: all moves are incorrect (João A, zagabra)
  • Adjourn: ask for resign (Bogdan P)
  • Database: to create polyglot books doesn´t works
  • Database: to export to pgn is very slow


  • Director: Ctrl Left mouse, to remove any graphic/pieze (Marc)
  • Database: can be configurated to use its own graphics, and can be showed automatically via own-Config (Marc)
  • Turn on the lights: right button show history of each item

  • Log file of engines, can be activated in Configuration/Engines, it creates a file in /UsrData/logEngines (Norbert)


  • Create your own game: less options in toolbar
  • Create your own game: last file is not open automatically

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  1. thanks lucas STS tests works fine and new mission please add simultanius games options played and trained many position options. THANK YOU VERY MUCH BIG LUCAS

  2. Hi
    Fantastic job Lucas. Thank you.
    Regarding the analysis of games, Lucas Chess marks many many moves with "!". I think that is wrong. The analysis should report few moves with "!", some move with "?" and some move with "??".

    1. I believe the marking seem okay...did you know Lucas also marks !! . Now those very good moves are rare with Lucas analysis. Did you mixed up good moves (!) with very good moves (!!) ? Just trying to help.

    2. Thanks Lee, I sent Giovanni a patch that try to rationalize a little this issue, if you want to test it
      To install it needs to replace with files in the zip, in the installed Lucas Chess, Code folder.

    3. Okay thank you...I will try it out

  3. Hello, how I can disable the help when I play the compete-> Fics-Elo option? At any rating level that I play the program modifies my bid...

    1. The program follows a real game in fics. At each position in that game, the user chooses a move and compares it to the one followed in the game.


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