Thursday, November 8, 2018

Version 11.13c: finally graphics created directly on the board

Graphics created directly on the board

This is a long-demanded option, the list of people who have requested it from me is too large to include here.
The working mode is similar to that of Lichess, if it is a square selected a circle is shown, if they are several squares an arrow is shown, by default. 
It can be customized from the Director option, each element of the band is associated to a key (None, Alt, Shift, Ctrl) pressed at same time right mouse.

Elements associated can be changed  from Director

The deletion of elements is done by creating an equal element. The keys Ctrl-F1 to delete the last created element and Ctrl-F2 to delete all of them also work.

When Director mode (activated by pressing F1,...F10), Shift+Alt+Right Mouse allows user to choose a piece to add.

As a facility, when working in Opening Lines, with the right button you can create graphic elements that are associated with the position directly.

This behaviour can be disabled from Options-Configuration-Boards:

Also when playing, from Utilities menu can be disabled/enabled.

Other new

  • When playing against an engine from Playing against any engine option, all moves from rival are cached, then if Reinit, allways plays same moves to same positions.

Bugs fixed
  • Exporting database to PGN, some labels fixed (thanks to Marc)
  • Tournaments between engines, memory leaks (thanks to Paul T.).
  • Everest training does not work when the use of the tutor engine in the background is deactivated, (thanks to Duntoria).
From 11.13 to 11.13a
  • Bug: playing against any engine, without time limit (thanks to Batu 64)

From 11.13a to 11.13b
  • Bug: opening lines, to play against engines, it only allows to play against the last one.
  • Bug: tournaments, when creating a new group of games does not show any game.

From 11.13b to 11.13c
  • Bug: training tactics by repetition, when manual configuration (thanks to Bernd H).
Downloads : 

  • Update, from Information menu, Search for updates


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. If possible, it would be nice to add 64 bit to internal engines.

    1. 32 bits engines work well in windows and are enough monster to play against. This facilitate me the distribution.
      It is easy to add 64 bit engines.

    2. I understood, you're right ...

  3. Hello! There is an error in this version. For example:
    We made the 1st move.
    Engine made 2nd move.
    We can't make the 3th move! Because, it's never coming to us!

    Thanks, I wish you success.

    1. Fix published, thank you very much.

    2. Very good, I would like to assign a game editor "edision partidas" written in Spanish, is to place the pieces the way we want, edit the turn that is "be white or black" blanca or negra and know what play to do next

    3. Maybe you're referring to Tools-Create your own game-Config-Start position.
      Then Ctrl 1

  4. Hi.
    When you will have time, can you try an Engine Tournament with my "Acqua" Engine? The results and the ganes are NOT registered.... is it a problem of my "Acqua"?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Giovanni, it is not a problem of Acqua, there is a bug when first run, I am trying to fix.