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Installing Lucas Chess on Linux from the latest sources in two easy steps

First step Check that git is installed.  git --version If it is not, then: sudo apt-get install git  (for Debian/Ubuntu based systems) sudo yum install git (for RedHat/CentOS/Fedora based systems) Second step Download the script: And launch it from a terminal. The whole installation is created in the ~/lucaschess folder, and there the program launcher and an update script are created: cd ~/lucaschess ./ ./update_lucaschess
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Version R2.10

 The new version includes the following: An in-depth review of the use of the program by Eric. ## Added * Play human vs human. * Analysis Bar, which can be activated by playing against an engine or another human or by visualising a game, either directly or from Config, Show/Hide. * Databases with positions, added option Export to a position sheet in open document format. ## Updated * Komodo 64 bit basic, regression to 13.02. 14.1 64 bit does not work on some 64 bit pcs. * Kibitzers, a limit can be added to the depth that the engine analyses. ## Updated languages * Language Greek by Nick Delta. * Language French by Eric * Language Chinese by Zoushen * Chinese openings by Zoushen ## Engines * Updated lc0, Version Windows 0.30.0, The LCZero Authors,  [] ( * New lc0 DNNL, Version Windows 0.30.0, The LCZero Authors,  [] (

Problem in version 2.09b, does not launch.

For users with 64-bit windows, and the program does not launch, a solution is, go to the installation folder of the program and make a copy of: c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Programs\LucasChessR\bin\OS\win32\Engines\komodo\komodo-14.1-64bit-bmi2.exe.uci_options  and rename it as: komodo-14.1-64bit.exe.uci_options 

Le jeu d’échecs avec Lucas Chess

 Eric, the main betatester of the programme, has written a guide, which allows you to go deeper into the use of Lucas Chess. It is written in French, but in this day and age, it is not a big challenge to translate it into your own language. As Eric points out: Lucas Chess is an easy to use program. But it hides some features that are more complex to understand and the following pages try to clarify them. Link to the PDF   Link to Lucas Chess documents

Setting analysis parameters

Since version 2.04, you can change the parameters used by the program to determine whether a move is good or bad and also the elo calculated for an analyzed game. The parameters are as follows: limit_score Default value: 2000 Minimum value: 1000 Maximum value: 4000 Data type: integer Determines the score in centipawns from which the position is considered to be totally won, that the probability of winning is 100%. curve_degree Default value: 50 Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 100 Data type: decimal percentage Expresses the correlation between the score in centipawns and the probability of winning/losing. It associates -limit_score with 0 and +limit_score with 100. Curve formula created based in  python-chess/Engine/Score/wdl    difmate_inaccuracy Default value: 3 Minimum value: 1 Maximum value: 99 Data type: integer If the difference between the best move and the move made means going from

Version 2.03: bug-fix release and chess leagues improved.

 This is a bug fix update mainly based on the detection work of Eric, the main betatester of the program. Added Opening Lines, shows comments when training. Book Strategie, other wonderful set of pieces created by Ben Citak. Book Strategie B, for regular style board backgrounds by Ben Citak. Book Strategie theme created by Ben Citak to emulate the old style used in the French chess magazine La Strategie in 1938 (also L'Echiquier). Databases, numerical sorting: press Ctrl (Alt or Shift) while double clicking on the header. CTRL SHIFT C (ALT SHIFT C) to copy PGN to the clipboard On the position analysis screen, alternative moves can be analyzed by moving pieces directly on the board. Analysis of a game, option to include analysis of the variations. On any board, ALT-X to play the current position, it is a little different from the utilities menu, only the position is used, but it can be used with any board and with any position on the board. Shift Right mouse on pgn table to show th

Version R2.02 and more....

New help documents The lack of direct support for the programme has always been one of the programme's Achilles heels, which has been mitigated thanks to the contributions made in several languages and included in the Documents section of the website. Bru888 has produced the most complete guide to the programme. It is a guide divided into 5 parts Play, Train, Compete, Tools, Options, which can be accessed from the documents section of the website. Translations I am aware that it requires a huge effort that is not very visible. I have tried to provide some additional tools, so that from the program itself you can see the changes as you translate (Options/General configuration/Activate translator help mode).  I would like this to be a help to translators, and to encourage more people in those languages that are not sufficiently translated. For native English speakers, please keep in mind that English is just another language to translate, and there may be some mistranslations, so he