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New in version 6.4, is the ability to manipulate the  board, using a separated window.

To display this window, you have to press the D key or choose option Director from the menu of the umbrella (top-left of board).

It appears a window with the next elements :

A main toolbar that lets you add new arrows, boxes and pictures and give them a name. In addition there are two options for copying main board to the clipboard or to save as a image file.Below are two toolbars, to be configured by the user and used to drag and drop to work  board.The work board, where it is possible to move/remove all elements. To remove right-mouse.Pieces to drag and drop to work board.A button to "Clean main board" of new elements.A button to copy position of main board in work board."Boards coordinated" : a check box to select if each change in work board must have an immediate effect in main board.An script zone, where all changes are noted.Column 0 = main boardColumn 1 = work boardDouble…