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Development version 11.00.14: bug fix release and some updates on the engines

Engines: New: Spike 1.4 ( Volker Böhm and Ralf Schäfer ) New: Zappa 1.1 ( Anthony Cozzie ) Updated: Andscacs to version 0.9 ( Daniel José Queraltó ) Updated: McBrain to version 2.0 ( Michael Byrne ) Bugs: Bugs fixed in "Massive change of tags" (Bernhard) Wrong labels in English (Nils Andersson) Downloads : Portable:  LucasChessPortable110014.exe Installable:  InsLucasChess110014.exe

Development version 11.00.13: database of positions

In the version 10 Database of positions was removed, now is included again (with the feedback of Bernhard). Some improvements included (also to Database of games) are: Import from pks files ( G. Rajesh Ganesh ) Massive change of tags ( Bernhard, peonpasado) . Bug fixed: Crash when Komodo is the engine of a kibitzer (tico-tico) A lot of little bugs (tico-tico, Alfonso).

Version 10.11: improving analysis of a game

All changes in the development version 11 have been included in the version 10, except for new engines, and the support of Linux.  Analysis of a game: Elo perfomance : it is a formule created by Michele Tumbarello that calculates the elo of each move and of the game. This formula is designed to do the more accurate results when using DeepFish as engine and a minimum time of 5 second per move. Stability control : a tab has been added that after finishing the analysis of a position with the parameters of time and depth indicated, it continues analyzing until in the last depths the calculated move is the same and the difference in the evaluation does not exceed the number of centipawns indicated.  Lost points in the analysis graph , now can be hidden (Giovanni di Maria) Right button on the graphic, to save as a pgn  (Giovanni di Maria) Captures: added a new option "Material advantage". (Carlo) Some internal improvings in transiberian (coded by Alfonso Solbes)