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Development version 11.00.09: more engines

Engines: In this version 7 engines have been added, now are 47. I have in mind the arbitrary number of 50 engines in the windows version (in Linux is more complicated), Norbert Raimund help me to select the next engines (that meet the limit of having a 32bit version): Delfi 5.4 by Fabio Cavicchio . SmartThink 1.97 by Sergei S. Markoff . Monarch 1.7 by Steve Maughan Andscacs 0.8932n by Daniel José Queraltó . Arminius 2017-01-01 by Volker Annus . WildCat by Igor Korshunov Demolito by Lucas Braesch More changes: Some internal improvings in transiberian (coded by Alfonso Solbes) improving detection of draws little performance improvement checking human moves Added new param in analysis of a game/stability control that a

Development version 11.00.06: stability control in game analysis

When analyzing a game, a tab has been added that is the Stability control. After finishing the analysis of a position with the parameters of time and depth indicated, it continues to analyze until in the last depths the calculated move is the same and the difference in the evaluation does not exceed the number of centipawns indicated. This option can add a lot of time to the analysis of certain moves. Perhaps some option must be added to control this.

Development version 11.00.05a

This is the development version that I'm working now. Do not have many changes in relation to the version 10. These changes are mainly internal. The default tutor engine is changed from DeepFish to McBrain, both are Stockfish derivatives. Update 11.00.5a : changed the compilation, this is more compatible.