Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Future version 10 step 05: Scanner of positions

Some days ago Juan Carlos Antón, head of UNED chess school, does give me permission to include tactical positions from the PDFs on the downloads of UNED web, which I consider very educational.
The problem is there is no possibility of obtaining  original fens.
The solution to ease my work, has been to create something like an OCR of image positions, which at this specific case is working very well.

Only three concepts are handled : mark, deduce, and learn.
First, mark the board, the next step is to deduce, if there are errors the user corrects them manually and asked the program to learn from them. At the beginning there are quite a few errors, but less and less.
To mark the Board a transparent window is launched that occupies the desk and lets see the PDF and select a position. It is selected with the mouse by dragging a corner to the other, and it is fitted with the arrow keys.
At the end the Enter key is pressed to accept the selected and continue in the program window. On the following occasions, just a click to make a selection like the previous time, which saves work.
To work with various configurations of board, a name is associated with the positions of pieces learned.
When in selecting window, the opacity can be increased/decreased with + and - keys.

Then key Enter to acept the selection

There are more news:
  • Database games, now transpositions are included in statistics, and result file is enormeous.
  • Engines: gambitfruit+deepchess included
  • Lucas-elo: added all engines and changed elo to try to be more human.
  • Save to PGN in Utilities, added labels edition

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Version 9.08: some bugs fixed and Komodo update to version 7

Bugs fixed:
  • Databases of complete games, the number of games reported is always off-by-one (Pawel Stolowski)
  • Personal opening guide, not obvious start icon, added a new one(Pawel Stolowski)
  •  PGN reader, problem creating tactics when there is mixed complete and positions games. (Corwin)
  • Saving FEN positions when there isn't exist the file (smaragdus)
Komodo updated to 7a
And some corrections in the translations of Czech, French, Polish and Spanish.

Download links:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Version 9.07d: problems with access to the Internet.

The version 9.07 has a bug that makes it unable to access the Internet to update the program or for sending scores. This new version tries to fix it.

It also includes the solution of a bug detected by Remes, about the use of arrow keys in the analysis window.

This version can't be updated via Information-Search for updates option, it needs to be installed downloading the complete version.

Updated 16/10/2015: 9.07b->9.07c

  • Some bugs fixed and litle more, thanks to Kåre B, Chris I., Heikki J, Remes, Max A., Teddy, David, Antonio P., .... 
Updated 11/11/2015: 9.07c->9.07d
  • Bug loading kibitzers in some pcs (Pawel Stolowski).
  • New kibitzer, Stockfish eval (Joseph Coffey idea).
  • Some changes in Chinese translation (Stephen Yang).

Download links:

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Version 9.07: 16 GM to play against and major update of German translation

  • Michele has prepared the 16 world champions of chess history; their elo is obtained according jeff sonas' calcs about their strength's peak. You could play against them in Tourney elo competition or in Play against any engine.
  • Translation to German, major update thanks to Frank Stender
  • New help in German: Deutsche Bedienungsanleitung für Lucas Schach by Bernhard

Monday, September 14, 2015

Instructions to install LucasChess in Linux

Author: Mandy

Tested in :
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu Mate 
  • Raspbian GNU/Linux 201505 (ARM Architecture) on Raspberry Pi 2
  • Ubuntu 14.04 32 bits i386 on Intel Architecture

# sudo apt-get update
Debian/Linux (# cat /etc/issue)
# sudo apt-get install python-pip mc python-pyaudio python-sip swig python-psutil python-chardet git sphinxbase pocketsphinx pyqt4-dev-tools pyqt4-dev-tools python-qt4

Ubuntu (# cat /etc/issue)
# sudo apt-get install python-pip mc python-pyaudio python-sip swig python-psutil python-chardet git python-sphinxbase python-pocketsphinx pyqt4-dev-tools python-qt4

# cd ~
# git clone
# cd lucaschess
# sudo pip install pygal
# sudo chmod -R 777 *
# python

Optional: Install other userful chess software's and engines

# sudo apt-get install crafty crafty-books-medium cutechess fairymax fruit glaurung gnuchess gnuchess-book hoichess polyglot pychess stockfish toga2 xboard scid scid-data scid-rating-data scid-spell-data

When error to execute, we try to recompile (- \- : delete line, - \+ insert line)
# cd EnginesLinux/winglet/srclinux
# mcedit makefile

- \- g++ -shared -O3 -o $@ $^
- \+ g++ -shared -O3 -fPIC -o $@ $^

- %.o : %.cpp
- \- g++ -g -O3 -o $@ -c lt;
- \+ g++ -g -O3 -fPIC -o $@ -c lt;
OR (better and more clear)
Locate line: g++ -shared -O3 -o $@ $^
Insert after -O3: -fPIC

Locate line: g++ -g -O3 -o $@ -c lt;
Insert after -O3: -fPIC 

# sudo make clean
# sudo make all
# cd ../../..
# python

If Error: ValueError: PyCapsule_GetPointer called with invalid PyCapsule object

Uncomment every line of the repositories sources that begin with deb-src, so erase the character # in the first position of every line with deb-src and save at the end... and update the repositories

# mcedit /etc/apt/sources.list
# sudo apt-get update

Prepare the compiler and directory of sources where will be downloaded...
# sudo apt-get install Cython bison build-essential checkinstall g++
# sudo apt-get install apt-file apt-src
# sudo apt-file update
# sudo chown $USER /usr/local/src
# sudo chmod u+rwx /usr/local/src

Download, compile and reinstall sphinxbase
# sudo apt-src install --location=/usr/src -i python-sphinxbase
# cd /usr/src/sphinxbase-0.8/
# sudo rm python/sphinxbase.c
# sudo ./configure
# sudo make clean
# sudo make
# sudo checkinstall
# sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Download, compile and reinstall pocketsphinx
# sudo apt-src install --location=/usr/src -i python-pocketsphinx
# cd /usr/src/pocketsphinx-0.8.0+real/
# sudo rm python/pocketsphinx.c
# sudo ./configure
# sudo make clean
# sudo make
# sudo checkinstall
# sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Try to execute again LucasChess...
# cd ~/lucaschess/
# python

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Version 9.06a: new language Turkish

The main contribution of this new update is a new translation, Turkish, thanks to the great work of Mustafa Nazmi ÖZDEMİR.

Slow moves of pieces when playing have been added again.

New work of pawpatrol added in the Docs of the web: A Great Hidden Feature in Lucas Chess (

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Future version 10 step 0: Trans Siberian Railway

I am working on the new version 10, this is a first step, that mainly includes a new training:

Tools - Resource for zebras . Trans Siberian Railway

It has only one very basic level, my idea is to include more.

05/07/2015, updated, fixed two bugs
14/07/2015, now has 5 levels + added the possibility to change automaticaly to the next in tactics (Remes)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Version 9.05: some bugs fixed

Bugs fixed:

  1. Wrong analysis label when mate. (dima d)
  2. When program path includes cyrillic characters. (tserv)
  3. Merging polyglot books.
  4. Renaming a Personal opening guide. (Mario L)
  5. Changed stockfish with a compilation valid to old pcs. (Jörg R)
  6. Play like a GM, when saving to PGN. (Uli)
  7. Cinnamon engine, problems working with low depths, fixed by author Giussepe Cannella. (Xema)
  8. Moving pieces pressing cell, can put pieces in wrong positions. (Bolivar Gonzalez)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Version 9.04: a playable version in Linux

  • News:
    • A great step to adapt to Linux OS thanks to Robert Gamble
    • Changed, graphics window of analysis, moves are aligned accourding its color.(remes idea)
    • bmt files (best move training) can be exec by the program. (Johannes Reimers)
  • Bugs:
    • Playing against any engine, pressing Help to move when tutor is active.(dima das)
    • The engine Roce, don´t works because a bad link.(Jacopo Della Bartola)
    • Renaming open guide, when maintaining the name, data is deleted.(Mario L)
    • Labels in several translations about Tourkey country vs tourkey animal, solved changing tourkey animal to tourkeycock (Max Aloyau)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Version 9.03a: new set of pieces, staunton 3D and new translation, Chinese simplified

New set of pieces, Staunton 3D by Marc Graziani.

  • New, Chinese simplified by Kevin Sicong Jiang.
  •  Great updates in:
    • Indonesia by Heri Darmanto
    • Azeri by Shahin Jafarli

In graphics of analysis, added column of % (Remes)

Bugs fixed:
  • Arrows in rotating board (Алексей Лаврухин)
  • Fide-Fics/elo don´t shows diff points in observations (Chris K.)
  • About colors and translations by Max Aloyau
  • Fide-Fics/elo calculations wrong when some position of checkmate. (Oleg)
  • Bad link to simplex engine (Xema)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Version 9.02a: some bugs fixed and Etruscan, a new set of pieces

New set of pieces, Etruscan by Fabrice

Etruscan clear


Bugs fixed:

  • Pasting a PGN in "Create your own game" (Kåre Bøe)
  • Moves between two positions training.
Some corrections in the translations of French, Vietnamese, Dutch, Czech.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Version 9.01: some bugs fixed

This version fixes some bugs in relation to using MultiPV with a lower value to maximum, freezing often the program, this affects Playing against any engine, File-Elo, Fics-Elo, Tourney-Elo and Playing like a GM. Detected by Chris K.

The file with positions to work with "Your daily test" has been changed because it had bad positions. Detected by Max Aloyau.

Some translations have been completed, العربية, Português (BR), Español, Français, Polski, Tiếng Việt.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Version 9: Summary of changes

  • Tourney-elo:
    • New set of playing personalities, created by Michele Tumbarello, that can also  be played "Playing against any engine". They are 117 new personalities, with information about characteristics. Created by Michele Tumbarello
  • Playing in general:
    • Tutor opinion saved (when option marked in configuration), even when it is the same as user move. (ADT)
    • When playing opponent then changed cursor (and doesn't show a message) (?)
    • Keyboard changed to support indicating moves by keyboard (Robert Anderson), now ALT-f=flip, ALT-c=save pgn, ALT-i=save png img, ALT-d=director.
    • Can be stablished main window as top window in relation other programs. (Red Hood)
    • Analyzing a game, new option to show graphics at end (ADT). 
    • Enlarged main book. Elaborated by Michele Tumbarello.
  • Lucas elo:
    • It is possible to play against all better engines, even from beginning. (?+++)
  • Playing against any engine:
    • Tutor used and tutor general are now the same. (ADT)
    • Shows arrows with the thought of opponent. (Michele)
    • Opening selection, can be selected by mouse, and with the depth the user wants, allowing non standard.
    • Option to select a poliglot book and that their moves are mandatory.
    • Added second chance option, then when move is not the better, program shows the number of better moves and user can select to rethink. (Remes)
    • Warm when zeitnot can be set (bbbaro25us,Rui Grafino), and the sound associated.
    • Option of including a summary about tutor (ADT)
    • More options to select an engine, added tourney-elo engines, and fixed elo engines.
  • Playing like a GM:
    • Internally changed, it is incompatible with previous versions.
    • Can be selected the opening. (Adrijan)
    • Bypass moves in a book. (Jeremy Bernstein)
  • Create your own game:
    • Reading pgn files, take into account original codec (Reinhard)
    • Open with reopen option.
    • Voyager 1 option in Config tool, to write a pgn in an external doc
  • Databases:
    • Databases can be placed in any folder. (?)
  • Tools-Engines:
    • Support to STS: Strategic Test Suite, More info  Authors: Dan Corbit & Swaminathan
  • Director:
    • Added square markers
  • Training openings:
    • Changed interface to select opening
  • Tutor engine:
    • Option to change multiPV value, default is maximum. (thetasquared)
  • Fide-elo,Fics-elo:
    • Always use tutor engine.
    • Enhanced analysis, now can be asked for new current analysis as engine is working in background. (Nils Andersson)
  • Determine your calculating power:
    • Added possibility to repeat a training (Swaminathan)
  • Kibitzers:
    • Option to enable or disable as top window(always visible or not) (thetasquared)
  • Chess positions on a world map
    • New training option, externally a little different from the others. It works with a world map divided into countries, where each country is associated with a chess position, the goal is to solve all the positions of all countries. You get a country when you win its position. Then you can select a border-country and so on.
    • WorldMap and Africa
    • Mate positions and  STS positions
  • Tournaments
    • It shows on live results (Urban Gustavsson, Di Maria Giovanni)
  • New translations:
    • Arabic by Mohamad Alhedhed
    • Dutch by Willy Lefebvre
    • Slovenian by Matjaž Seničar
  • New sets of pieces:
    • Jin Alpha author Eric De Mund
    • Prmi author Maurizio Monge
    • Freak author Maurizio Monge
    • Skulls author Maurizio Monge
  • Voice Recognition:
    • First try about voice recognition, motivated by a message of Vishy from chessindia. 
    • Voices can be downloaded from Options-Sounds
    • It is activated from Options, Configuration, Sounds.
    • It can be trained from Options, Sounds, Test Voice.
    • It can be used from Tools, Create your own game, Config, Activate voice. Also in Tools, Create your own game, Config, Voyager 1 (a minimal board to translate a pgn from a doc that don´t allow to copy/paste).
  • Engines:
  • Correspondence-Chess: 
    • Eliminated, probably not be used by anyone. 
    • If it is useful to you, say me and I add it in the next update.
Windows binaries:

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Version 9 step 7: collection of tourney-elo personalities by Michele Tumbarello

New set of playing personalities, created by Michele Tumbarello, that can be played in "Tourney elo" and "Playing against any engine":
A great work, during 14 months, running games 8/9 hours a day, not fewer than 12000 test-games. 
Michele has prepared a pdf with all explanations: The second generation of playing personalities in LC 9  
They are 117 new personalities, with information about characteristics.

117 personalities + 3x7 GM

More news:

Windows binaries:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Version 9 step 6: small improvements and source code in GitHub

I have fixed some bugs and added small improvements:

1. Playing against any engine, added the option of including a summary about tutor (ADT)

2. Tutor, option to change multiPV value, default is maximum. (thetasquared)

3. New sets of pieces:
Jin Alpha author Eric De Mund
Prmi author Maurizio Monge
Freak author Maurizio Monge
Skulls author Maurizio Monge

4. Komodo engine, version changed to 5.1r2

Source code of development version hosted on GitHub (I am testing and learning this new environment for me.)

Windows binaries: