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Play like a Grand Master-2012

New update of data to this training: added some games and some GMs.

Adams, Michael+511095Akobian, Varuzhan+26364Akopian, Vladimir+27611Alburt,L=295Alekhine, Alexander+ 51478Alekseev, Evgeny+24360Almasi, Zoltan+30681Anand, Viswanathan+351148Anderssen, Adolf+ 2361Andersson, Ulf+15726Andreikin, Dmitry+63338Areshchenko, Alexander+60488Aronian, Levon+39613Ashley, Maurice+ 8177Averbakh, Yuri L+ 2286Avrukh, Boris+42531Azarov, Sergei (new)+299299Azmaiparashvili, Zurab+ 4516Bacrot, Etienne+87749Baklan, Vladimir+81573Balogh, Csaba (new)+367367Bareev, Evgeny+ 2780Bartel, Mateusz (new)+383383Bauer, Christian (new)+ 77Becerra Rivero, Julio+ 2176Beliavsky, Alexander G+241272Benjamin, Joel+216687Benko, Pal+ 1456Berkes, Ferenc+61498Berliner, Hans Jack+ 120Bernstein, Ossip+ 1110Bird, Henry=203Bisguier, Arthur Bernard+ 7411Blackburne, Joseph+ 6570Blatny, Pavel+ 8749Bogoljubow, Efim=456Boleslavsky, Isaak=225Bologan, Viktor+72980Botvinnik, Mikhail+15658Bronstein, David I+ 2718Browne, Walter S+ 5631Bruzon,…

Version 6.2

New version :

Instalable : InsLucasChess62.exe ( 16Mb.Portable : LucasChess62Port.exe ( 16Mb.
News :

New tool, when playing in menu Utilities, Tree moves that is a system to document positions.Consult books Polyglot, changed view.BoardsNew pieces : Montreal, NikNak, Regular, Pirat, Magnetic, Alpha,AlfonsoX,Leipzig,MayaMenu in the top-left of all boards, custom resize, themes, pieces,...New possibilities to configure boards.Colour themes, made byFeliciaMohammed AbadalazezCtrl-mouse wheel : resize board.Direct option to maximize window.Flip board : with key F (scott idea)Copy board : with key C (felicia idea)Save board to png file : with key S (felicia idea)Arrow keys can be used in all boards (scott idea)Board design, added option to change size of inner border (felicia idea)Mate in two from Eduardo Sadier, reduced from 120000 to 50000, but included information of origin of each position, and all moves …