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Version 8.07e: more bugs

Bugs fixed: Reading a pgn with 0 instead O (Brian S). Resizing tutor board from menu Options (ADT) Databases-Removing one database (Nils Andersson) Playing against any engine, selection of opening, some deep openings aren't showed. (Nils Andersson) Tournaments between engines with "initial position" LC doesn't insert FEN in the pgn (Stolcius Von Stolcenberg) Some labels in English corrected (Nils Andersson) (Edited 19/2/2014) Tournaments between engines, don´t add engines with spaces in its path (Cristel C, Di Maria G.) (Edited 14/3/2014) Find Best Move, more height to solutions (tewald) PGN reader-Utilities-List of FENs (david) ESC in comments go out the app (MeWannaTakeYouHome) (Edited 27/4/2014) Show candidates option when in check. Analysis window, save to FEN.(Matt L) Some translations of mate in (Marco T) (Edited 01/05/2014) Learn a game, don´t works saved games. (Lady K) And some news: New translation, Suomi by Heikki J.