Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tactical training with your own blunders

Thanks to the ideas contributed by Daniel Trebejo, bolokay and Ransith Fernando (edited 6/12/2011, unpardonable omission), it were added to  new version other options allow you to train tactical positions recovered from your own games.

The process is carried out in two parts:

  1. Collection of positions
  2. Training with these positions

1. Collection of positions

When you view a game with LC,

  • when you  just finished one,
  • or you have read with the PGN viewer,
  • or you have prepared with the option Training | Tools | Create your own game,

    if you choose Utilities|Analyze, in configuration window, in Other options tab, you can indicate what difference in points is considered a blunder, and you have some possibilities for generating training positions in 3 formats :

  1. List of FENS: it creates a file containing a list of positions in FEN format and this format is used by the training positions. This file is saved in the default folder UsrData/Personal Training, and the recorded files in this folder appear in the Training menu|Training positions|Personal Training, allowing a standard training with these positions.
  2. PGN format: generates a file of games each with a training position. Within the program can be consulted with the PGN viewer.
  3. Add a training to "Find best move": new in version 6.1, and is a different way to train.

It is also possible to collect training positions from the PGN viewer, for example read a PGN with all your games, and select Utilities|Mass analysis of blunders. The configuration options for generating training positions is similar to the previous case of one game.

2. Training with these positions

With LC can be trained :
    1. List of FENS-appears in the menu Training|Training positions|Personal Training, and can be trained in the standard way, with tutor support.
    2. Find best move: appear in the Training menu|Find best move

Find best move

The aim of this training is to find out what the best move (according to the engine that analyzed) at a given position, and persists until you find it, after, you can see the actual game where you made the move.

LC Keeps track of points winned and time spent in the group of positions that make up the training.

Once finished, you can repeat and keeping track of the overall results, to compare our progress.

After a workout you can generate new, even reanalyzing.

Link to LC 6.1 beta 8 :

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bug of the day 31

I'm sorry, but yesterday (October/31) there was a bug caused by the number of day : 31, and the program did not work all day.
I've been on vacation until today so I could not solve or warn.
Not will occur again until 31 December.
Before I will publish version 6.1 that solves it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Announcements sounds

It is easy to add sounds to Lucas Chess, two alternatives :
  1. With a microphone.
  2. With google translator and Audacity (
  3. And maybe in the future users donate their own voice (microphone) and can be put for download from the web.

Options-Other options-Custom sounds
You can recording with a microphone or read an external wav

With Read wav and to this sound : c:\Windows\Media has some usable.

After read wav or record with microphone

You can reduce the limits, useful specially with sound  achived with microphone 

 Google translator and Audacity :

If you prefer to hear an external voice, this is one of the ways.

In Audacity Stop and then select area with sound
Then use Export selection and create a wav that you can import  from Lucas
In LC, modify + label, and read check wav file

To enable sounds :

Options - Configuration
Also while playing :

+Options - Sounds

Friday, September 30, 2011

Version 6.0 beta 3

Version 6.0 beta 3 : LucasChessPortable60beta3.exe

News :

  • Support to DGT boards (proposed and tested by Trebejo), if you have a DGT board :

First : Options-Configuration

When playing, +Options Enable, and this is remembered in the following games
  • In "Create your own game" : adding a "Save as" option. When you restore/save a game, is enabled this option, to diferentiate from option Save that refer to file restore or saved previously.

  • In "Game against an engine of your choice" :
    • Time : 
      • New option to set extra minutes for the player. 
      • If player loses on time, ask whether to add more. (Proposed by Trebejo).
    • Custom personalities :
      • Added two options for control of blunders, when mate, or loss of points is considerable. (proposed by Trebejo)
      • Can be configured the maximum points gives the engine to equalize position (50=default).
    • New common personalities

  • In "Create your own game" and "Game against an engine of your choice", to set initial position now is available drag and drop pieces.

  • It can be changed the color coordinates of the board (proposed by Mohammed A.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Version 6.0 beta 2

New beta : Version 6.0 beta 2.

Some news :

  • Game of the day can be showed in the PGN Viewer.

  • Training of openings, they can be converted to a polyglot book.

  • Edition of personalities, now consider the three phases. 
You can specify a debug text file, that they keep considerations when using this personality.

In opening, you can add a polyglot book, then engine will try to use it.
Middlegame has its own strength system.

Endgame has its own strength system.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Version 6.0 beta 1 : Personalities

First beta of version 6:

Fixed some bugs and Pawny engine is updated from 0.2.2 to 0.3.
Also Personalities are introduced to adjust the engine strength in training option "Game against an engine of your choice".
Based on Laser ideas from immortalchess forum, and adapted to simplify development.

It has added the ability to add (delete, edit) a personality with the following configuration:
  • Name
  • Type strenght taken as the basis

Parameters are divided between middlegame and endgame, and switching between them is determined by the number of pieces in play.
User must indicate points that will add or subtract to those calculated by the engine.

Parameters are :
  • Depending on the following move:
    • If it is moved a pawn.
    • When moving a piece: in the middlegame, shall apply if a piece is more closer to the other side, at in the endgame, apply if is more closer to enemy king.
    • Make check.
    • Capture.

  • According to the expected moves:
    • Keeping the two bishops.
    • If there is progress, it is calculated the distance of all the pieces till the enemy king and weighted according to each piece type, this calculation is made at the beginning and end of moves, and considers that progress has been made if the distance has been reduced.
    • Make check.
    • Capture.

This is a first approximation, it is expected that increasing the number of options in the future.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Version 6.0 dev4 with favourites and a daily test

Version 6.0 dev 4 : LucasChessPortable60dev4.exe

Changed the version number from 5.5 to 6.0, because there are important changes, and some of them will take some development.

  • Game against an engine of your choice :
    • New options to set strength : High level, Intermediate level and Low level, based on probabilities. High level select a move based in a list where better moves are more likely, and so on. (it remains the use of personalities as proposed laser in immortalchess forum).
    • Select a book :  then opponent select moves firstly from the polyglot book choosen. (thanks to baddadza for this idea)

  • Training favorites, to simplify the selection of frequently used options :

  • New option in Training : Your daily test : you must solve 5 positions, with each answer, then calculate the difference in points with an engine solution. Only one result is saved each day, the last.

  • New feature to adjust the sensitivity of the tutor. Then tutor will not appear unless the points difference is greater than a fixed points or a percentage or both. (thanks to Keith McCabe for this idea).

  • Training - Utilities - Create your own game : it also saves analysis (thanks to Nguyen Tuan Long for this idea)
  • Updated Komodo 3.0
  • Some bugs solved ( thanks to bulldozer, bolokay, ...)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Version 5.5 dev1 : new engines

Version 5.5 dev1 :  LucasChessPortable55dev1.exe

Added three new engines

Trainings : Game against an engine of your choice

  • New parameter: Set the strength of the opponent (based on idea contributed by Karbunclo-siliconchess), with five options :

  • While playing you can change the opponent, strength, and even color : 

Kibitzers :

  • New option, you can select only one side to analyze or both (default).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Version 5.3 Captures and more

Version 5.3 is mainly a bug fixing update, but it has some news :

  • Changes on captured material panel (proposed by Rui and Steph): 
Position now to the left of board
Show/hide with mouse

To show/hide via menĂº (+Options)
Enable/disable by default (Options-Configuration)

  • Maurizio Monge has published (Wikimedia Commons) two sets of pieces (LGPL license) that are included in the program.

  • Possibility of log of all moves analyzed by tutor in CSV format(to work in a spreadsheet), enabled in Options-Configuration-Automatic save (Proposed by Ransith)

  • Training with option Game again an engine of your choice, posibility to change rival while playing. (Proposed by Steph)