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Version 11.07a: Shortcuts

Shortcuts: They are activated pressing right mouse button on main toolbar. The options that can have ashortcut is extended to menus Play, Train, Compete, Tools. ALT <number> keys can be used. Label showed can be edited (double click over field). Transsiberian: Endings are again not guided if they have 4 pieces or less (uses syzygy tablebases-pychess library). Now when changing level save current level state. New trainings positions:  Singular moves to equalize. Singular moves to win. Bugs:  Kibitzers, when add a new kibitzer, all others reset their results (Jan Bernard) Database order by plies (Antonio G) 11.07 -> 11.07a: Bug, creating new external engine (S Weber) Opening lines, sequential/static training added information about which lines are training on (Lee Simbeye). Tournament between engines, Pause option (Max Aloyau) Downloads  :  Portable:   LucasChessPortable1107a.exe Installable:   InsLucasChess1107a.exe