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Version 11.02: some bugs fixed

Bugs fixed:

STS: it doesn´t works (Husniddin Sharafutdinov)Training mates: all moves are incorrect (João A, zagabra)Adjourn: ask for resign (Bogdan P)Database: to create polyglot books doesn´t worksDatabase: to export to pgn is very slow

Director: Ctrl Left mouse, to remove any graphic/pieze (Marc)Database: can be configurated to use its own graphics, and can be showed automatically via own-Config (Marc)Turn on the lights: right button show history of each item
Log file of engines, can be activated in Configuration/Engines, it creates a file in /UsrData/logEngines (Norbert)

Create your own game: less options in toolbarCreate your own game: last file is not open automatically
Downloads : 
Portable:  LucasChessPortable1102.exeInstallable:  InsLucasChess1102.exeFrom version 11, Information, Search for updates: doesn't work

New version 11, summary of changes

New web:

New engines:
Delfi 5.4 by Fabio Cavicchio - 1.7 by Steve Maughan - 0.9032n by Daniel José Queraltó - 2017-01-01 by Volker Annus - by Igor Korshunov - by Lucas Braesch - 1.7 by Samuel N. Hamilton and Edsel G. Apostol - 1.4 by Volker Böhm and Ralf Schäfer - 1.1 by Anthony Cozzie - 1.5a by Robert Houdart - 0.1 by Ankan Banerjee -

Read PGN file:
Now supports the selection of multiple files (unknown)

New game in the beginning
Challenge 101: It is about solving up to 10 positions …