Saturday, November 18, 2017

Version 11.02: some bugs fixed

 Bugs fixed:

  • STS: it doesn´t works (Husniddin Sharafutdinov)
  • Training mates: all moves are incorrect (João A, zagabra)
  • Adjourn: ask for resign (Bogdan P)
  • Database: to create polyglot books doesn´t works
  • Database: to export to pgn is very slow


  • Director: Ctrl Left mouse, to remove any graphic/pieze (Marc)
  • Database: can be configurated to use its own graphics, and can be showed automatically via own-Config (Marc)
  • Turn on the lights: right button show history of each item

  • Log file of engines, can be activated in Configuration/Engines, it creates a file in /UsrData/logEngines (Norbert)


  • Create your own game: less options in toolbar
  • Create your own game: last file is not open automatically

Downloads : 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New version 11, summary of changes

New web:

New engines:

Read PGN file:
  • Now supports the selection of multiple files (unknown)

New game in the beginning
  • Challenge 101: It is about solving up to 10 positions of all types, with assigning a score. The program saves the last 10 scores, and you can check the ones made from the Training menu/Personal training.

  • Added an icon in bottom-left in all boards to config that replace right button in the border.It can be hidden in the Options/Configurations menu/Boards, but menu always appears pressing left button in that area.
  • When showing a move, if there is an analysis, an arrow of the best move is showed. (Vladimir)

Analysis graphic window:
  • Added captures (Joël D)
  • Some other cosmethic changes.
  • Elo perfomance total and in opening, middle game and end game (Eren Külpinar)

Training positions: 
  • Added Play Current Position in Utilities (Brent)

  • New translation to Ukrainian by Volodymyr Soltys (initiated by Maxym Makarchuk)

  • Automatic save of games,... (Jacques D)
  • Some changes in level 1 (Jacques D)

  • Position of board configuration icon in Options-Configuration-Boards

New competition:
  • Strength in positions with only one good response (singular move).

  • Main change: graphic elements are added directly on the main board.
  • After saving a position the added elements are visible from any other board.
  • It is possible to change the file that has the information, which can facilitate sharing with other users.
  • Can be added text in a blackboard.
  • Activated with F1..F10.
  • A simbol appears in the board when the position has info.

Training positions:
  • Added pawn endings

  • Background color in selected rows can be changed (Options-Colors-General-Tables). (Remes)
  • New theme, McBrain's Wooden Chess Board " - © 2017 by Michael Byrne , permission granted to Lucas Monge to use in the software "Lucas Chess".

Tutor configuration:
  • Depth as an option (R.Giorgi)

Analysis of a position:
  •     New cancel button (?)

PGN reader:
  •     Added <enter> key to select (Remes)


  • Added some options:
    • Priority of the cpu process, normal, low, below low, high,... (vga)
    • Analyzed position, it can be before the move on the board or after the move.
    • Visibility, when you have many kibitzers, some of them can be hidden in the selection menu.
  • Options can be changed live.
  • Order in the selection menu can be changed.
  • To edit:
    • Tools-Engines-Kibitzers
    • When playing, Utilities-Kibitzers-Edit

Database of games:

  • Added in Utilities mass analysis option (Marc)
  • Added two tools to change the order of registers (TheIgnobleSavage)

Downloads :