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Version 11.15b: minimal fixes, minimal news

News: When analyzing without redoing, it is possible to recalculate all blunders again. (idea of Mattew A.) Database of games: added possibility of set Opening, ECO, PlyCount as tags of games in a database which it has effect when export to pgn, option in Utilities-Massive change of tags.(idea of Marc) Fide/LiChess/Fics elo, eliminated messages when user and player have done the same move.(idea of Andreas W) Fix: Erroneous elo showed in LiChess-elo menu (Andreas W) Games database, problem open some games. (Mattew A) Import pgn in Opening Lines doesn't work. (Jonathan C) From 11.15 to 11.15a Marc: Fix, saving board to an image in clippboard/file. AltK shows the new keys to be used. Andreas W: Fix, engine label when training Find best move. Andreas W: Fix, find best move, changed size of buttons that shows the moves. Andreas W: Fix, find best move, bad window size when resizing board. Stochastic13: Playing against any engine, with tutor, when move is a draw an