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Version 8.01: some bugs fixed and new option Fide-Elo

As expected, some bugs have been detected, and it requires this update: Bugs : Database of positions, removing, renaming, ... ( Nils Andersson) Database of games, saving to PGN ( gvdsloot1994 ) Some English labels ( Nils Andersson) New options: Fide-Elo, based on TWIC database (Chris K.) Using depth and time in the analysis of a game. The analysis stop when one of both is reached.(Philou)

Summary of changes in version 8

Visual changes, Options-Configuration: Showing points of analysis: White´s point of view. if positive wins white, if negative wins black. (shahingy) Pawns vs Centipawns. ( F.Marmale) Show move candidates, when pressing any square.  Show threats, checks, captures when show candidates is on and in any case when consult any move in the game (pressing a piece).(R. Sehgal) Mouse shortcuts, extended.(bbbaro25us) Some GM personalities added to tourney-elo by Michele Tumbarello. The use of winglet engine (created by Stef Luijten ), as a fast internal movement generator.  Some indices in analysis, transcribing the ideas of Michele Tumbarello. More information in the document written by Michele :  advanced info in LC8.pdf . New elo measurement system based on the  database of games of FICS . Using WhiteElo-BlackElo variables to determine the elo of the game in a showdown on the type of "Play like a GM.". Games range is between 900 and 270

Version 8 release candidate 1

The 24th, if possible, I will publish the version 8, meanwhile here is this release candidate, that includes some small changes in the PGN viewer. The links:

Version 8 step 11 (last+1): Other visualization training

I have added a new training, then a new step have been necessary: This new training is named : "The board at a glance" , and  in spanish "Un vistazo al tablero". The training consists of remembering what pieces are in a position, where they are, if they are attacked or if they attack other pieces.  Previously, the user will be able to choose what characteristics he is interested in to remember. It begins with 3 pieces and finished with 32. Each block of training has a site associated, to the only effects of identifying each one from others. List of trainings Configuration To remember To indicate Achieved Other news: Database has some improve, mainly suggested by IndianaJones about orderings. Now is available a positions database. Engines: Komodo 5 replaces Komodo 4 Stockfish DD (in honor Don Dailey) replaces Stockfish 4 In the help apart, are added: Summary of game modes by Mike Eddies (english) Guia rĂ¡pida