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Play like a Grand Master

I have updated list of plays of  grand masters, because it had a problem with one of them Granda Zuniga (thanks to Dranix of by notice) and as long ago not updated, I have taken the opportunity.
Here is the full list, with changes :
Adams, Michael+631044Akobian, Varuzhan+28338Akopian, Vladimir+31584Alburt,L+12295Alekhine, Alexander+251473Alekseev, Evgeny+23336Almasi, Zoltan+32651Anand, Viswanathan+361113Anderssen, Adolf+14359Andersson, Ulf+31711Andreikin, Dmitry+53275Areshchenko, Alexander+11428Aronian, Levon+72574Ashley, Maurice+ 6169Averbakh, Yuri L+ 4284Avrukh, Boris+ 4489Azmaiparashvili, Zurab+20512Bacrot, Etienne+59662Baklan, Vladimir+ 7492Bareev, Evgeny+26778Becerra Rivero, Julio+ 2174Beliavsky, Alexander G+501248Benjamin, Joel+15471Benko, Pal+15455Berkes, Ferenc+16437Berliner, Hans Jack=19Bernstein, Ossip+ 4109Bird, Henry+ 9203Bisguier, Arthur Bernard+12404Blackburne, Joseph+11564Blatny, Pavel+34741Bogoljubow, Efim+16456Boleslavsky, Isaak+ 5225B…

Development version 1

I am currently working on creating a tool to do tutorials, I probably need two or more months to be able to present something theoretically useful.
Since the program already includes some news, I thought to publish version I'm working (portable mode), if anyone is curious. 

News :
In training, JoaquĆ­n Alvarez has developed a new section, with interesting positions :

In any game, you can play blindfold chess :

Now it is possible to edit arrow indicating pieces moves (collateral efect of work in tutorials ) :

Options - Board themes - Move indicator

Also install folder has changed from AjedrezLucas to LucasChess.
Do not forget that it is a development version.
Link :