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Version 8 step 7.02: correspondence chess and technique

News: New trainings positions : Technique by Michele Tumbarello Correspondence Chess in Tools menu (Ken Brown) (a very first try-it needs a lot of feedback from users) New themes by Michele Tumbarello. Added some new non-standard nags. (Michele) New look "Playing against..." Keyboards shortcuts (left/right/up/down/home/end/avpag/dnpag) in analysis window, and enter in main window to analyze. (Pavel Rehulka) New option "Play current position" in Analysis window and in Utilities menu, in "Playing against any engine", "PGN reader", "Create your own game" (jayriginal) New option in configuration, "Show arrows of variants" (thetasquare) New option in configuration, "Enable information panel by default" (thetasquare) New option in configuration, "Show material" Captured material at beginning vs Difference material (Adaptation from idea Heikki Junes) PGN first comment support Tournaments between engin