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Version 8 step 3: Fics-elo

New step required to solve a couple of basic errors (castling and promotion), in step 2 version. This new version includes a new elo measurement system based on the database of games of FICS . Using WhiteElo-BlackElo variables to determine the elo of the game in a showdown on the type of "Play like a GM.". Games range is between 900 and 2700.

Version 8 step 2: degree of complexity and some leds

This new dev version has two improves : Degree of complexity in analysis, transcribing the ideas of Michele Tumbarello. More information in the document written by Michele :  advanced info in LC8.pdf Show threats, checks, captures when show candidates is on and in any case when consult any move in the game (pressing a piece).(R. Sehgal) Analisys of a move Analisys of a game Leds pressing queen

Version 8 step 1

The next version will be the 8, I have no date for its publication, the most likely to take at least one year, in the meantime I will publish the development version from time to time. To begin, some improves in relation to 7.05 : Visual changes, Options-Configuration: Showing points of analysis: White´s point of view. if positive wins white, if negative wins black. (shahingy) Pawns vs Centipawns. ( F.Marmale) Show move candidates, when pressing any square. Mouse shortcuts, extended.(bbbaro25us) Some GM personalities added to tourney-elo by Michele Tumbarello. And the main change is not visible, the use of winglet engine (created by Stef Luijten ), as a fast movement generator. The idea is to extend its use throughout the program. Recordando a Lucas